MARDUK: The Snake-Dragon-Sungod from Ancient Babylon


the snake-dragon-sungod from ancient Babylon

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 13th, 2007




Marduk: snake-dragon-god
  Vatican’s Crest: Marduk



Crest of the Vatican is Marduk from 18 BCE Babylon


In Babylon a huge complex (the ‘Esagila‘) was built in honour of Marduk; also the tower of Babel -called ‘E-termen-an-ki’ – was dedicated to him. The top-floor of this tower -it’s translation means ”House of the foundation of heaven on Earth’ was a temple for Marduk (=’Bel’).

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Marduk: the trinity sungod from Babylon

We know Marduk -symbolised by the dragon-snake- also as ‘the trinity sungod’ consisting of ‘the man-god’ Baal or Bel, ‘the female-god’ Astarte or Isis/Ishtar and ‘the child-god’ and reincartion of Baal called Tammuz or Horus.

They are also symbolized by ‘the eye of Horus’ pictured as an eye in a pyramid; the Roman-catholic church, masonry and Kabbalah use this symbol for their organisations. It says a lot about their beliefs and fundament of their beliefs…

Vatican: priesthood of Marduk because of Emperor Heliogabalus

In the Vatican-museum the Vatican proudly displays and cherishes its Crest; the snake-dragon of Marduk. It is also their oldest piece. Roman Emperor Heliogabalus (218-222) introduced the Akitu-festival in honour of Mardruk during his reign in the third Century.

In the following early fourth Century Emperor Constantinus formally founded the Roman-catholic church, that carries the Vatican-Crest of Marduk; clearly a church based on the trinity-sungod from ancient Babylon!!!

Roman-catholic Church provides the foundations of the EC

Everything the Roman-catholic Church is built on is also the foundation of the European Community. The crest of the EC -the blue flag with the 12 stars on it in a circle- represent ‘the virgin’ or ‘Cybele’; also known as Astarte or ‘the goddess’. The female ‘lady liberty’ of the trinity sungod from Babylon…

It was Arsene Heitz that created this EC-symbol. He clearly tells us why and how he chose this symbol…

The connection between the European foundations and Babylon goes ever further than Catholic influences, flags and symbols…

The European Parliament-building in Strassbourg is a copy of the Tower of Babel that was painted by the Belgian painter Breugel. And that the EP really means bussiness with the Babylonian Tower is also illustrated by their poster with a modern version of the Tower of Babel on it; above the building a set of satan-stars in the sky… Beyond any doubt this states what their intentions are with Europe: finishing what has started more than 3.000 years ago in Ancient Babylon…!

From the left to the right: 1. het EP-building in Strassbourg, an extraction from 2. ‘the Tower of Babel’ by the Belgian painter Breugel. The EP-poster 3. shows us that the EP really means the Tower of Babel because of the modern illustration on it of the Babylonian Tower… Also picture 4. shows that it is really ‘the goddess with the 12 stars’ that unites Europe…




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Babylon: a global empire at this very moment?!

Revelation 14:8 concerning the end of time; just before Jesus returns to us:
‘And there followed another angel, saying, “Babylon is fallen! Fallen is that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”‘.

Revelation 18:4-5 concerning the end of time: God calls his children out of Babylon
‘And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues; for her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.’.

All those that think: ‘Babylon, isn’t that an ancient empire of about 3,000 years ago?! Sorry…but you are wrong! Babylon still exists or even better it is even bigger and more powerful than ever before! Why it is important to know what Babylon is? Because the Babylonian-cult is still very alive and influencing our lives. And this influence can harm us indirectly and directly…

Please read and discover with us what religions and organisations are actually Babylon!

Global Babylonian paganism; a short introduction in names & symbols




Kind of god:




Symbolized by:

4-pointed star or obelisk (fallus)

Crescent Moon,Uterus or 8-pointed star

Solarwheel/Eye in pyramid


Also known as: Abir, Bel, Bal, Belus, Boaz, Buddh, Horus, Jupiter, Knous, Kronus, Marduk, Moloch, Nebrod, Titan, Zeus Alilah, Allah, Ariadne, Astartet, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Goddess, Gaia, Gaya, Il, Isis, Ishtar, Joachin, Queen of Heaven(s), Lady Liberty, Laksjmi, (Eternal) Virgin, Moongoddess, Rhea, Sin, Venus Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Bacchus, Cupido, Dagon, Dyonisses, Hercules, Horus, Kissos, Osiris, Ninus (=Son), Helios, Hercules, Jupiter, Osiris, Shamash, Shiva, White Centaur, Son of Aethiops  

Global Babylonian paganism visualised in churches and organisations :



1: St-Petersquare 2: Stole of the pope 3: Daggon hat of pope 4: Hostie-plate 5: St.Peter-statue 6:IHS-Jesuits-logo 7 en 8: star of Ishtar 9: Allseeing eye of Horus
Explanation RC-photos & symbols
  • 1: St.Petersquare: an obelisk (=Baal), a solarwheel (=Tammuz) in a Uterus (woomb=Astarte)
  • 2: Stole of the Pope: 4-pointed star (=Baal) in a 8-pointed star (=Astarte)
  • 3: Hat of the Paus: a ‘Dagon-hat'(=Tammuz) with -in the middle- a solarwheel (=Tammuz)
  • 4: Hostieplate: Image of the sun as a 8-pointed star (=Astarte) in which the hostie should be placed
  • 5: Statue of St Peter: actually the statue of Jupiter from the Parthenon; a solarwheel above his head(=Tammuz)
  • 6: IHS-logo-Rc-Jesuits image of the sun in which Isis, Horus en Seth are displayed
  • 7 en 8: 8-pointed star of Ishtar (=Astarte); same star is just above the vatican window of the pope (8)
  • 9: Roman-Catholic- and Jesuits-logo: The allseeing-eye of Horus
RC-rituals and titels
  • Sunday-keeping and trinity: the holy day of the trinity-sungod in trinity
  • Celibasy: comes from the name ‘Cybele’ (=Astarte)
  • Celibasy-keeping: ritual for priests of Cybele (=Astarte)
  • Shaving head-hair: ritual of priests of Cybele (=Astarte)
  • Transsubstanstism and Eucharist: sacrificial-ritual in which the host turns into meat
  • Holy water: dripping tallow in water; symbolises impregnation of Astarte ; ritual symbolizing the reincarnation of Baal
  • Easter: comes from the word ‘Astarte’
  • Mary is called ‘Queen of Heavens’: a title of Astarte
  • Mary is called ‘Eternal Virgin’: a title of Astarte
  • RC-holy-days on the holy-days of Tammuz and Astarte
  • Icons of Masonry

Photo 1 and 2:
A: Eye of Horus in
B: Solarwheel in
C: Uterus(woomb)/crescent moon
D: G-sign (=Grand Supreme) of Masonry

Photo 3 & photo 4:
E: Sun-pillars of Boaz and Joachin

Masonry and Illuminati

Masonry is an organisation that consists of layers; also known as the 13-layers of bricks. At the bottom starting with ‘humanism’(human is most important), exceeded by ‘the Blue Lodges’ and‘Rotary’. Ending at the top with the ‘Grand Supreme’ (=G-sign).

It is striking, that Masonry uses the allseeing-eye of horus, the pillars of Joachin and Boaz, the solarwheel and the Uterus/woomb just as in Roman-Catholicism.

Who the Grand Supreme is’:

  • Who papers himself and his servants with signs of Tammuz, Astarte and Baal?
  • Who wears clothes and hats with and has statues and buildings with these signs?!
  • Who are all worldleaders visiting for support and advice?!?

You tell me who this ‘Grand Supreme’ is!

Photo 1: Kabbalah-goddess Ishtar 2: Pillars Boaz and Joachin 3: Kabbalah Kether with eye of Horus 4: Tarotcard with Helios and Tammuz-sign 5: Worship-token of Kabbalah; the satans=pentagram
Hinduism & Buddhism Photo 1: Buddhist Solarwheel
Photo 2: 8-pointed star in a solarwheel
Photo 3: Shiva and Shakti as two suns
Photo 4: YinYan: Taoism with a Buddhist background

Hinduism and Buddhism can’t be seen as seperate religions, because they are interconnecting in gods, symbols and principles. Boeddha is treated as a god in boeddhism and as ‘an avatar’ (reincarnated god) in Hinduism as well. And amongst others reincarnation is a principle in both buddhism and hinduism. And these are definately not the only ‘interchangeable principles’ there are…

From images and stories it becomes evident, that Hinduism is about sungod-worship. Shiva and Shakti symbolized by suns (photo 3), the 8-pointed star/flower in a solarcircle (photo 2) and the solarwheel (Shiva=Tammuz). Also in Buddhism the solarwheel is used (=Tammuz) as ‘the wheel of life’.

In Hinduism ‘Prana’ is a term used to name the life-bringing power of the sun(light); -cosmic energy- that surrounds us. And this energy is also known in several other religions as ‘Ki’, ‘Ke’ or ‘Chi’. Reiki -a new-age and hinduïstic variant means ‘power of the sun’; it cannot become clearer that sungodworship is the main issue.

New Age

  • Reiki
  • Wicca
  • B’hai

New Age mainly knows 3-4 trends: Reiki, Wicca, Animism and B’hai.

Animism is about nature-worship; worshipping spirits/demons or ancestors included. And Wicca (=Witchcraft) also belongs in this trend/branch of worship, because Wicca is also about summoning and worshipping demons/spirits and casting spells; the only difference between Wicca and ‘basic Animism’ is that the witches know who they are worshipping: satan.

Reiki really is hinduïsm in a new-age coat; Mrs Blavatsky -a an esoteric spiritual satanist- added a lot of her teachings to it (through Buddhism). Mantras, Chakras, Auras, Ki, Yoga, Ohm, Ishtar-therapy, it all points towards sun(god)worship. And of course ;’Reiki’ means ‘Sun-Power’ and Ishtar is the goddess/female part of the trinity sungod as you know now.

B’hai is a cult that claims to be the highest part and connecting part of all global religions, because they say, that their master Bahá’u’lláh considers himself the tenth Avatar (Hinduïsm), The Buddha Matreya (Buddhism/New Age), the Sháh Bahrám (Zoroatrian), the Great Proclaimer (Islam) and the Father and returned Christ of Christianity… The B’hai-master also declares that the most important goal of mankind is trying to unite all religions and people, because he states, that ‘we are all leafs of the same tree’.

Only…the tree and leafs of Babylonian paganism definately are not the tree of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at all!



Photo 1: Islam-symbol; the crescent moon of Sin with the ‘5 daughters-star’

Photo 2: Moon-goddess in Ur
Photo 3: 4 different appearances of Alilah
Photo 4: Moongod in Hazor
Photo 5: Islamic Suffism -the spiritual branche of Islam- based on Moongod(ess)-worship


All over the entire Middle East -from the mountains of Turkey till the banks of the Nile- archeologists have discovered temples of the moongod(ess); this moongod-worship is the most widespread religion of the world.

The name ‘Allah’ is short for ‘Alilah’; the moongod. This moongod -symbolised by a crescent moon- (=Sin=Ishtar=Astarte) is also known symbolically as ‘Kaäba’. The god ‘Il’ or ‘Ilah’ originally is on of the fases of the moongod (photo 3; 4 fases of the moongod Alilah).

Islam and the Arabs nations continue bringing the moongod worship through keeping the crescent moon on their temples, by hounoring the Kaäba (pilgrimage and stone-worshipping), by carrying his symbol on their flags, by fasting from rising moon till rising moon, etc.

Also the wellknown Prophet Zordasht plays an import role in everyday life of the Arab muslim and the Arab culture as a whole… Zordasht is as the Arabs say ‘the Prophet of the most High’. We also know Zardosht as Zoroaster or Zarathustra; the prophet of the Babylonian sungod! (See also photo 2: star/wheel (=Tammuz) in crescent moon (=Sin/Ishtar/Astarte)

More background material on Islam? Click here!

  • EC
  • UN
  • Photo 1: Logo with 12-stars of the EC; symbol of Cybele
  • Photo 2: Statue of Liberty; the american freedom-symbol represents the Goddess Astarte
  • Photo 3: Logo of the United Nations; sungod Apollo
  • Photo 4: Logo United Religions Initiative; star of Ishtar (=Astarte)
  • Photo 5: Coin of sungod Apollo with his name-token
  • Photo 6: webpage that uses in name and wreath the Apollo-sign

The EC-logo ‘Mary of Revelation’, ‘european unity’ or the number of member-countries they say… but there is only one ‘virgin’ symbolised by the 12 stars: Cybele or Astarte.

In 1955 the current EU logo and flag were accepted by the European Board; the logo was made by Arsene Heitz; based on an existing representation from 1830 of ‘the virgin'(Astarte). The date of acceptance underlines what is behind the logo: the 8 of December 1955: ‘the Roman-catholic day of the immaculate conception of Mary’.

In 1955 there were only 6 members; in 1983 only 10 members; in 1985 (conversion EG to EU) only 10 members. The EC counts 25-member-countries at this moment.

The building of the European Parliament in Strassbourg is based on the painting of the Belgian painter Breugel and is called/represents ‘the tower of Babel’ ! From an election-poster we know that the EP and EC know what their building represents, because they use an exact replica of the ‘Tower of Babylon-painting’… Also the link to ‘the goddess’ and European Community can be made instantly. Look at the satansstars above the EP-Building!!

America proudly displays the statue of Liberty as its’freedom-symbol’. Liberty was a present of the French Masonic Lodge. Liberty is a statue of the Goddess; also known as Astarte or Ishtar. America is a real masonic country; all presidents -former and current presidents- have been freemason…

The United Nations have wrapped the world in the wreath of Apollo -the sungod- and use it as their logo. Does it reveal their goals for the near future? You may think the use of the sungod is a coincidance? No way! Look at the logo of the URI-organisation (=United Religions Initiative) the UN started… This star symbolizes Astarte or Ishtar…

The UN believes in ‘human rights’ and in peace and prosperity by keeping those rights. Funny enough the UN tries to unify all religions (in the URI) in order of establishing that peace… Will true Christians be forced to unify themselves with Babylonian paganism?! The simple answer is: they are already doing just that!


Knowledge & insight on what Babylon represents…
With the knowledge you now have of names, symbols, stories, titles, etc. of the Babylonian gods you can easily recognize what the fundaments or origins of religions, organisations or cults we didnot discuss are about.
You now are also aware, that the Babylonian-empire still exists on Earth and has more members and power than ever before in history. Movie- and TV-stars, famous popstars, kings and queens, etc.: they all worship the Babylonian gods. God asks from his children, that they worship only one GOD (Exodus 20:1-3) and His Son and Lord Jesus (John 5:22-23) because God decided so. The Bible also speaks of those that worship pagan gods and calls it ‘fornication’ and this isnot allowed by God.God asks his children not to take part in this idolatry, but to accept Jesus in their lives (by baptism) and by receiving the Spiritual Gifts later on. Only in that way the children of God can grow savely in the fruit of His SpiritRevelation 18:4-5
‘And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues; for her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.’.

You want to look at it from a different angle? Visit these two webpages (Click on the icons to go!)



home : index : ancient Mesopotamia : ancient Persia : article by Jona Lendering ©


The god Marduk and his snake dragon. From: J. Black & A. Green, Gods, demons and symbols of ancient Mesopotamia (1992) Marduk and his snake dragon
(from J. Black & A. Green,
Gods, demons and symbols of
ancient Mesopotamia; ©!!!)
Esagila or Esagil (Sumerian, ‘The house that rises its head’): temple of the Babylonian supreme god Marduk.Originally, Marduk was the god of Babylon, but in the eighteenth century BCE, when this city became the capital of Babylonia, he became the supreme god of the Mesopotamian pantheon. As such, he was recognized by the gods of the cities that were subjected by the Babylonian kings.According to myth, Marduk defended the other gods against the diabolical monster Tiamat. After he had killed her, he brought order to the cosmos, built the Esagila, and created mankind. In the poem Enûma êliš it is stated that all other gods are just manifestations of Marduk.When the Babylonians celebrated New Year (the Akitu festival), they remembered how Marduk had created order in the universe. The heart of this cosmos was Babylon and the Esagila shrine was, therefore, the center of the universe.  
Map of Babylon. Map design Jona Lendering. Babylon (©**) Marduk was, therefore, a very important god. In the first millennium BCE, his name was considered so holy, that it was almost never pronounced; instead, people said and wrote Bêl, ‘Lord’.The Esagila complex was in the center of Babylon. People who entered the Esagila first entered a large court (40×70 meters), then a second court (40 x 25), and finally saw the shrine itself, which consisted of two sacred rooms: an anteroom and the ‘holy of holies’ where the priests served the cult statue of Marduk and his consort Zarpanitum.  
Reconstruction of the Esagila and Etemenanki at Babylon. Pergamon Museum, Berlin (Germany). Esagila (left) and
Etemenanki (right)
(Pergamon Museum, Berlin;
North of the Esagila was the Etemenanki, the ‘Foundation of heaven on earth’, better known to us as the ‘tower of Babel’ of Genesis 11. This temple tower (or ziggurat) was 92 meters high and had seven levels.According to the Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus, the Persian king Xerxes had a statue removed from the Esagila when he sacked the city. It is unclear what kind of statue this may have been. Alexander the Great ordered restorations. The Esagila was still functioning in the first century CE.  
home : index : ancient Mesopotamia : ancient Persia



‘VATIS’ means ‘DIVINER’ in Latin
‘CAN’ means
‘SERPENT’ in Latin

Maybe you cannot believe this! You always thought the Roman Catholic church and the pope were about Jesus, GOD, Truth and Justice… But in fact they are all about worshipping the ‘trinity-sungod’ also known as ‘Isis, Horus and Seth (=IHS) or Astarte, Baal and Tammuz. You want to know who this ‘trinity-sungod’ really is? Well, just look at the Vatican-crest which is loved and cherished in the Vatican museum…it is the ‘Serpent dragon’ with wings (look in the magic mirror and see the Vatican crest!); also known as ‘Marduk’.

But there is more that shows what the Vatican is really about…
A few words and rituals show clearly what Roman Catholicism is about!

  • ‘Celibacy’ comes from ‘Cybele’ which is the female goddess (= Astarte!)
  • Mary is called ‘Queen of heaven’ which is one of the titles of Astarte
  • ‘Priests shaving their heads’: a ritual of the priests of Cybele (= Astarte!)
  • Mary is called ‘Eternal Virgin’ which is one of the titles of Astarte
  • ‘Daggon-hats’ comes from ‘Dagon'(= Tammuz = Baal)
  • ‘Eucharist’ means ‘to favour a god’ (by sacrifice).
    This has nothing to do with the offer already made by Jesus, because Jesus asks us to have an Evening Supper in his rememberance only.
    So: ‘the host’ is not supposed to ‘turn into flesh’ at all! And remembering what happened by means of real flesh being perpetually sacrificed doesnot ‘favour’ any god accept for
  • the devil alone!!!

  • ‘Sunday-worship’ is sungod-worshipping; the sunday is their holy day!
  • Constantinusa sungod-worshipper till his death- established the Roman Catholic church;
  • Constantinus took away the Sabbath-day of GOD and replaced it for the sunday of his trinity sungod
  • In Roman-Catholicism they make and worship statues of ‘saints’. They took away the 2nd Commandment of GOD which says not to make or worship statues…!
  • In Roman-Catholic churches you find statues of Jupiter (=Baal), Moloch (=god of death= the devil) and Astarte.
  • In Roman Catholic churches you find wallwriting ‘IHS’ (= Isis, Horus and Seth) And there are many more symbols and rituals that clearly show that the sungod is worshipped in the Roman Catholic churches as they did for thousands of years ago in Babylon an later on in Egypt; long before the Roman-Catholic church had been esthablished…

Famous symbols are:

  • The circle-snake with the tail in its mouth
  • The eye of Horus (symbol of the Jesuit-order); an eye in a pyramide
  • The eye of Isis; the red dot
  • The egyptian pillars of sungodworship;Joachin & Boaz together ‘Kether’ (=eye in pyramid)(More backgrounds on occult signs as the obelisk, allseing eye, crescent moon, etc: click here!)The Bible tells us clearly that GOD -being the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- doesnot want us the worship pagan gods. And it is the same Bible that tells us who the dragon-snake is: Revelation 12:9 ‘And the great dragon was cast out—that serpent of old called the devil and satan, who deceiveth the whole world. He was cast out onto the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.’.
  • Click to choose for- and look behind- another magic-mirror !


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    1. raquelmorenotruthonly says:

      I checkout your site and pulled out information that was not fact but opinion! I am insulted, in a way i am buddhist but not worships gods and stuff, you did not research all the way and i find you insulting by representing your God halfass. I Research and study many religion and unless you know for fact in most of the senses of learning and education like a more one on one, books, video, interviews, ect., then i find you very insulting, if the general public is so blind to these facts that you pronounce then you should speak in a softer manner then you project. So again i am insulted. Not a fact its an opinion, If God is your GOd and he means soo much to you, then i suggest you write in a way that doesnt sound how stupid the world is for not picking your God. Elimate your feelings of ego i feel in reading you work. My own brother has created hate from words like yours, and started to hate his life in the US, and started to believe in what the internet says. Your words spread too far to not think what other will hear. I would like a response.
      However, i do notice how much you have researched and its a lot of infomation. I just suggest you talk to some religious head people in all religions, dont be so closed minded. The end time is too close, maybe you understand that.

    2. utrudnos says:

      I find it interesting what you say about Sunday being Sun day (sun worshiping day), but I also have a question about Sabbath because Sabbath is Saturday or Saturn day, is it Saturn worship then? Isn’t Saturn also worshiped in the occult? I read that the Nazis had what was called the Brotherhood of Saturn, what can you tell me about that?

    3. just wondering says:

      After reading this I am confused as to why you believe the same thing that you are preaching against. Wouldn’t the trinity of Christianity be the same as Catholicism only a few minor changes? Jesus, God, Holy Spirit? Baal Astarte Tammuz? Just wondering I’m doing research

      • just wondering says:

        can you please post your reply on this site as I can’t check my email. Thank you.

      • Tan. says:

        The real trinity, Gods trinity existed first since the beginning of time. It’s not that Christianity follows in suit of the evil ‘trinity’, but that the latter seems to have formed a mock trinity, also having a kingdom of its own.

    4. Warshaft says:

      Christ was the center of 12 apostles. Are you sure the Dragon does not simply mean Draco, the 13th hidden constellation at the center of the 12 constellations? If you notice, Draco is at the center, upon the “cross” of heavens. Draco is also sometimes considered as two serpents or dragons (Teli) upon a line of the heavens (as the Caduceus of Hermes). The mystery goes much deeper than that, all I will say is the actual source of the New Testament was actually German. The text was originally not the New Testament of the Torah but the New Testament of the Germanic Edda.

    5. Debby says:

      You’re on the right track, but there is ever so much more to comprehend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. jeremias says:

      Son, church is impregnated of strange symbols.
      But that doesnt mean the church idolotrat those symbols.

      They were put there, by the builders and artists, many illuminati infiltrated. Unfoutunatle priests dont care about that, but they should erase all the symbols in vatican.It cant be done bcause its art and histoy, unfourtuatly they must rmain there, but i hope to have a saint pope and clean that all.

      • josphat says:

        my great friend,when JESUS was brought before pilate,He said that HIS Mission is to bear witness to the truth.However,pilate asked ,”,what is truth?’But pilate never cared bothered to be told the truth,he went to conspire with the jews.And i also realize that the enemies of truth,have removed the pictorial evidences exposing their errors. if you Dont mind,you can send me those missing photos to my

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    8. close but not quite
      (not Inanna and Dumuzi) KEEP IN MIND THAT MARDUK and ISIS/ISHTAR -SIN’s SISTER changed the GODDESS TRADITION into a blood bath. They claimed all previous annunaki titles for themselves to create a NEW MONOTHEISTIC RA LEGION

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    13. Loretta says:

      The Catholic church is filled with pagan symbolism because they mix paganism with the bible.

    14. Really….such a handy site.

    15. Paganism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism…it doesn’t matter. For thousands of years they have all been worshipping Saturn. The crescent moon is the sign of Saturn or one of the signs of The Saturnalian Brotherhood, so is the hexagon, hexagram and cube symbolism of the Black Cube Cult.. The sun-worship isn’t the worship of this sun, but of Saturn (The Black Sun) as a one time cosmic ruler and central sun. It’s radiant negative energy is transmitted to earth, assisted by the artificially constructed moon.

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