Formal Diplomatic Relations with Vatican RE-ESTABLISHED quietly, January 10th, 1984 – Relations were broke off by Congress in 1867 over Vatican involvement in the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln!

Zenit Interview with Ambassador Wilson, the first US Ambassador to the Vatican since 1867

Back on November 22nd, 1983, Ronald Reagan signed an accord, concordat, or treaty with the Nation, Vatican State, and recognized this Nation with full diplomatic relations and an exchange of Ambassadors at the highest level, “Pro Nucio.” Diplomatic relations had been severed on June 13th, 1867 over Vatican involvement and engineering in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.


Pub. L. 98-164, title I, Sec. 134, Nov. 22, 1983, 97 Stat. 1029, provided that: ”In order to provide for the establishment of United States diplomatic relations with the Vatican, the Act entitled ‘An Act making Appropriations for the Consular and Diplomatic Expenses of the Government for the Year ending thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and for other purposes’, approved February 28, 1867, is amended by repealing the following sentence (14 Stat. 413): ‘And no money hereby or otherwise appropriated shall be paid for the support of an American legation at Rome, from and after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven.’.”


Concordat with Vatican & United States

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