Flight 77 Passenger – Is Lady Booth Olson, Barbara Olson of 9/11? – Let’s Roll Forums

Flight 77 Passenger – Is Lady Booth Olson, Barbara Olson of 9/11? – Let’s Roll Forums.

The timing of this is as uncanny as the material itself. I think Chris Bollyn posted this only 3 days ago. And the odds are also once again implausible. For your consideration; I am sure that someone will shortly come and show us that Lady Booth has a history which can be documented through pictures. Feel free to do so. I would like to put this one to rest early, if we are able to. Until then it’s going to be fun to watch!

Flight 77 Passenger – Is Lady Booth Olson, Barbara Olson of 9/11? – Let’s Roll Forums

Question of March 5: Is Barbara Olson back from the dead? An anonymous person sent me a photo of Barbara Olson (said to have died on 9-11) side-by-side with an image of Lady Booth, the wife of Theodore Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General. There is no doubt that these two women look nearly identical. The question is whether the Barbara Olson (born Barbara Kay Bracher in Houston on December 27, 1955) is the same person as Lady Evelyn Booth (born in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 26, 1960) – or do they simply look very similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Ted simply chose a new wife that looked very much like his previous wife.

The similarity between the two wives of Ted Olson is remarkable. Is Lady Booth really Barb Olson after plastic surgery? The face on the right seems to have had cosmetic surgery.
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this woman looked WAY better before the surgery if this were to be true.that in mind, i could not see any woman taking plastic surgery to become less attractive, no matter how big the payoff, or the need to do so….

It’s all according to taste. I think the one on the right, we will call this Barbara Olsen Steroid Style #1, is far better looking. But lets not quibble about plastic.Different color eyes? Ya. Not a problem. See this link for colored contact lenses;

What someone needs to do is to see if they can find a photographic history of this ‘lady booth.’ There has to be one, right?

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