US Soldier throws puppy off cliff, Angers World (Disturbing video)

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There has been strong global backlash to an internet video that shows a US Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff in. The video shows two Marines joking while one holds up a black and white puppy, which he then hurls into a ravine.Military officials are investigating the video. Major Chris Perrine of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii says it appears the man is part of a unit based in the islands. Marine officials have called the YouTube video “shocking and deplorable” saying it violates “the high standard we expect of every Marine” Users of the video share website have also condemned the video.There has been a flood of angry comments to the YouTube page, with some users posting one of the Marine’s name and home address, urging people to protest at his house.Warning: The attached video contains highly disturbing footage.Everything below written
by; Phil Jayhan
Unconfirmed sources say;

This Marine throwing the dog off the cliff is alleged to be Lance Corporal David Motari, his immediate supervisor is Major Chris Perrine, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, phone # 808-257-8841. There is also rumors that David Motari is a Soldier who works for Blackwater USA although this is denied by Blackwater USA. Blackwater USA has just recently been discovered to be a company owned, operated, and run by The Sovereign Knights of Malta, a Military Wing of the Vatican, The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is subject the the Jesuit Order of the Vatican. If you would like to Learn More about the Movers and Shakers of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, click here. Please call and register your disgust! I already made my call to Major Chris Perrine, and left a message telling him of my disgust, and demanded a Courts Martial for this Young Sociopath. I also left my phone number and name asking for a return phone call. Rest of story below!

A short story about this is in order. The video images of this US Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff is outrageous. And is disgusting. It is psychopathic. And yet, it is being reported by alternate news services, the only ones which seek the truth and try to accurately report events, that we have now killed upwards of 1,000,000 Iraqi’s in this War. And Iraq never did a single thing to America, and never once threatened us. There is absolutely no justification for this war whatsoever.Now imagine US Marines doing this same thing to 1,000,000 Iraqi men, women and children., Because thats what we have done! Bush lied through his teeth about the War. So did every other Federal agency in America. Wheres the Weapons of Mass Destruction? Where? Not a single weapon of mass destruction has been found to date. One would think after 3 years at War with Iraq, that we would have first of all, found those weapons of mass destruction. But they weren’t found because it was all based upon lies! There were no weapons of mass destruction!But thats all smoke and mirrors anyways. Lets not forget about Afghanistan. We invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq over the false pretext that they were somehow responsible for 911.
“Never forget 911, we were told… And we won’t! And anyone who has a reasonable mind and a little time to go through the front page stories on, will quickly, and quite easily see that 911 was an event, not done by Osama Bin Laden and 19 hijackers, but engineered by the United States Government. There is overwhelming evidence for such beliefs. There is overwhelming evidence for this. There is multiple proofs of this. And so many proofs, you will scratch your head hard trying to figure out what the best proofs are.Thus when we realize this truth, then we have to also realize that both the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq, are both unjust wars, and that every single person killed in Afghanistan & Iraq are a WAR CRIME! I say this as an American. I say this as someone who foolishly voted for George W. Bush in 2000. I had been a Republican and very conservative my entire life. But unless each and every American takes steps to stop these unjust and illegal wars, they all, individually have blood on their own hands. Because every single bullet, every single bomb and every single missile is being shot or dropped in YOUR NAMES!!! Which means unless you do something to stop these wars, than all the blood of those people, upwards of around 1,000,000 people, is on your hands.And would you like to know whats the most disgusting part of this video story? Is that Americans have sat back and done nothing to stop these wars, even in the face of overwhelming proof that 911 was an inside job. Sat back while two entire nations are ravaged by the most well funded War machine ever to march this planet. Sat back while upwards of 1,000,000 completely innocent people were slaughtered. And yet get angry when one of our young psychopathic Marines tosses a poor little puppy over a cliff. As sad as that is. Heres a tough word for all of America! Get off your asses, turn off your TV’s and do something to constrain your Military, and to find true justice for the real Criminals behind 911. Because there is overwhelming proof 911 was an inside job! If you don’t, all of the blood of all those innocents is rightly on your hands!Original Story link for top part of story:

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