Picture of Pope flashing the ‘Masonic Devil Hand Sign’ or Mano Cornuta

The Italian phrase “Mano Cornuta” means Horned Hand it is the sign of the Horned Devil waved for protection. Only the right hand is used. This sign is a very ancient superstition from Babylon that moved to Rome when the pontiffs moved to Rome around 150 BC. It is waved above the shoulder to ward off evil.

To ward off evil you most use your right hand and wave it.

Anton Lavey horned Devil Hand Sign

In the pagan mysteries of the cults of Rome all the pagan orders used the “Mano Cornuta” sign as a protective “superstition” to ward off the the curse of the god of the “Evil Eye” The source were the gods from pagan Greece.

Here you can see the King Maker of the earth who is waving both hands with the trusted Mano Cornuta. He feels better now that the “Evil Eye” gods of Greece have fled.

Pope give Horned Devil Hand Sign

Here the Pope, the Supreme Roman Pontiff waves the Familiar Devil Hand Sign!

For the real meaning of MANO CORNUTA click on this Wikipedia link
Cornuta also spelled cornicello, cornetti, cornuto can also be worn as a horn-shaped amulet.


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3 Responses to Picture of Pope flashing the ‘Masonic Devil Hand Sign’ or Mano Cornuta

  1. john silvers says:

    I want a relationship with you. To get info. from you always. God bless you more than words can say. Keep the fire burning.

  2. shad says:

    google nephilum………….and……..fallen angels and satan has spacecrafts and 666 biochip mark of the beast

  3. Letsatsi Ben says:

    yeah i believe pope he’s the antichrist because the Romens soldier killed Jesus Christ

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