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Another 9/11 Passenger Found? Is Mike Rivero John Wenckus of Flight 11? – Let’s Roll Forums.

Whats in a “Carefully Prepared Alias?” Is Mike Rivero, John Wenckus from Flight 11?
by; Phil Jayhan

Mike Rivero worked for NASA for 25 years as a photo analyst. The passengers from the 4 flights on 9/11 disappeared while in custody of NASA & the FAA, not where we were told they died on 9/11.   See here for the documentation of this;

Mike Rivero also believes, and attacks all others who don’t believe as he does;

  1. Rivero believes a commercial plane with passengers hit the pentagon, and those who say otherwise are disinformation.
  2. Rivero believes commercial airliners with passengers & hijackers hit the WTC, and those who say otherwise are disinformation

Obviously anyone who is part of 9/11 and is so wrong on the issue of a passenger plane hitting the Pentagon as well as being wrong about commercial planes hitting the WTC, simply cannot be trusted. However, there appears to be some even more compelling reasons on why not to believe anything Mike Rivero says;

I do not know if this is Mike Rivero. Yet, as with the Barbara Olson/Lady Booth Olson issue, there can be little doubt that this man is nearly identical to Mike Rivero, with a little more weight and glasses, skin tone. No other pictures of John Wenckus are available and John Wenckus appears to be nobody, with no apparent history or anything prior to 9/11. While seeing a history it is riddled with inconsistencies. I have read that he was a tax consultant. It says that Mike Rivero was an Accountant in his college yearbook. I am certain there will be more information on John J. Wenckus. Anything you can add or bring to the table would be appreciated! After your done checking this material out, please see what many people believe is Barbara Olson, back from the grave of 9/11. Click here for the Barbara Olson – Dead or Alive thread;

So is this Mike Rivero and did he play the part of one of the passengers on 9/11?

***Edit: The picture with the glasses is the picture of John Wenckus. I have to point this out because most people see no difference in the photos.

The guy with the glasses & tie is JOHN WENCKUS, alleged passenger of Flight 11. The “only picture” available of this man. All others are of Mike Rivero.

John J Wenckus | Passenger of Flight 11 — Mike Rivero |

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Who is Ari Fleischer? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger from 9/11? – Let’s Roll Forums

Who is Ari Fleischer? Was Ari Fleischers picture used for a Passenger from 9/11? – Let’s Roll Forums.

Whats in a Carefully Prepared Alias – Was Ari Fleischer’s picture used for Flight 11 passenger Michael Theodoridis?
by; Phil Jayhan

This is getting more bizarre as we research the passengers themselves. Let me first state emphatically that we are not making any claims, and are only asking these disturbing questions about the passengers because we feel compelled by the evidence to do so. For those of you who have followed the Mike Rivero/John J. Wenckus look-a-like story, this might not come as the total shock it will to some. While doing research trying to figure out how many millionaires were on the 4 flights, I was looking through the passenger profiles, and their biographies and pictures, I stumbled upon John J. Wenckus, an alleged passenger from Flight 11. And as I was clicking on the next biography, had the feeling I had seen this man before or knew him in some way other than being a dead passenger. So I clicked back, and looked at the picture a little longer, before it came to me who he resembled. Mike Rivero from the internationally known website, This might not be as odd as it appears, especially when you discover that Mike Rivero, prior to his film career in Hollywood, worked at NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking Missions to Mars. Mike Rivero retired from NASA after working there for 25 years according to his online bio, and at IMDB says he has over 30 years experience in visual design and production. (Internet Movie Database)

SUMMARY: Over thirty years experience in film/TV production, visual effects design and production, and supervision.

Original link

So I pulled up a picture of Mike Rivero and was instantly astonished at the near identical natures of these two men. And I mean nearly 100% identical. Sure enough, John Wenckus has a darker complexion, and smiles, something which not surprisingly, Mike Rivero doesn’t often do. And the bottom of his face is a tad chubbier than that of Rivero. Other than that, the two men are, in my opinion, perfectly identical. That discovery led me and many others here into a deeper search among the passenger faces which we had all ignored for so long. Let it be known that the first apparent passenger found is Barbara Olson, who appears to be back from the grave and who also re-married Ted Olson last summer. If confirmed, Mike Rivero would be the 2nd alleged passenger from 9/11 to be discovered among the living. And oddly enough, is an alleged 9/11 patriot, now demanding to know “what really happened” on 9/11. If this isn’t one of the top 10 ironies of all time, I don’t know what would be. So, having laid the groundwork for the first 2 alleged passengers now among the living, we have found another, a 3rd alleged passenger who also appears to have escaped the near certain death grip of Muslim fundamentalists on 9/11.

From left to right: Ari Fleischer – White House Spokesman – Michael Theodoridis – alleged Passenger from flight 11 – Ari Fleischer, Darker Complexion

There is no doubt that these two men look nearly identical. The question is whether Lawrence Ari Fleischer (born October 13, 1960) and who was the former White House Press Secretary for U.S. President George W. Bush from January, 2001 to July, 2003, and Michael Theodoridis of Boston MA, are the same person – or do they look exceedingly similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Michael Theodoridis and Ari Fleischer are simply near identical look-a-likes. And something else to consider, is in some of these cases, plastic surgery can be done to the photographs, rather than the actual people. Facial moles removed, slight changes made to the eyes and eyelids. Nose features slightly changed. Everyone here has a fairly good idea of how relatively easy this is to do for those with the skills and software. All that is needed is a little bit of imagination when looking at the pictures.

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US Soldier throws puppy off cliff, Angers World (Disturbing video)

And this will allow you to download this video if you have a Free FLV player from

There has been strong global backlash to an internet video that shows a US Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff in. The video shows two Marines joking while one holds up a black and white puppy, which he then hurls into a ravine.Military officials are investigating the video. Major Chris Perrine of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii says it appears the man is part of a unit based in the islands. Marine officials have called the YouTube video “shocking and deplorable” saying it violates “the high standard we expect of every Marine” Users of the video share website have also condemned the video.There has been a flood of angry comments to the YouTube page, with some users posting one of the Marine’s name and home address, urging people to protest at his house.Warning: The attached video contains highly disturbing footage.Everything below written
by; Phil Jayhan
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The Secret Files of the Inquisition – The Perpetual Slaughter by the Vatican in Perpetuity

Posted by Phil Jayhan, September 22nd, 2007

About 450 MEGABYTES for EACH FILE! High Quality Production. Broadband only!

Episode 1 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – Root out the Heretics: Download File Below:

Episode 2 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The Tears of Spain: Download File Below:

Episode 3 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The War on Ideas: Download File Below:

Episode 4 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The End of the Inquisition: Download File Below:

Also, I have a few things in critique about this video series, which is 4 hours long, in 4 separate episodes. The Vaticans crimes are downplayed, and most of the numbers are rubbish. After watching this about 10 – 12 times total thus far, I am inclined to believe that the Vatican actually funded this and is behind it. As a matter of fact I am certain of it. But in it you will see a few things I wish everyone to know and believe;

1. How the Roman Empire never fell, and instead was “Christianized.”
2. How terribly evil the Vatican was, and still is. Nearly every form of mid-evil torture devised that we know about was indeed devised and invented by the Vatican.
3. How the Roman Empire or the Vatican (They are synonymous) ruled the entire world through fear, butchery, and a rabid police state where free thought was not permitted.

Yet for the few of its faults, this video can be used to showcase how terribly evil and corrupt this institution has always been, and will always be, for a leopard cannot change its spots, or a Zebra its stripes.

And this video will take you all the way from about 1200 up to around 1815-1870, and show you how the Inquisition, according to the video worked right up until then. In reality the Inquisition has always been amongst us, even before Pope Innocent III made it a formal mechanized process around 1200.

World War I & World War II were most definitely instigated by the Vatican and were no doubt continuations of the Inquisition. Korea, Vietnam, the same. Rwanda. Nearly every single war in history was their crusade or Inquisition, to wipe out the “heretics” and those who would not bow before their Pope as God.

Go here to this link to see some tid bits and wet your appetite, and learn about this video you guys will all get to see shortly. Perhaps we could get some people who are willing to burn copies for those without broadband connections, so they too can watch this video and be edified thereby.

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911 Ripple Effect Video – New 911 Video Sweeping the Web! by William Lewis of Bridgestone Media

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, September 21st, 2007

Link to this 911 Video with this code below, or go to this link and find your html code there!

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