The Secret Files of the Inquisition – The Perpetual Slaughter by the Vatican in Perpetuity

Posted by Phil Jayhan, September 22nd, 2007

About 450 MEGABYTES for EACH FILE! High Quality Production. Broadband only!

Episode 1 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – Root out the Heretics: Download File Below:

Episode 2 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The Tears of Spain: Download File Below:

Episode 3 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The War on Ideas: Download File Below:

Episode 4 – Secret Files of the Inquisition – The End of the Inquisition: Download File Below:

Also, I have a few things in critique about this video series, which is 4 hours long, in 4 separate episodes. The Vaticans crimes are downplayed, and most of the numbers are rubbish. After watching this about 10 – 12 times total thus far, I am inclined to believe that the Vatican actually funded this and is behind it. As a matter of fact I am certain of it. But in it you will see a few things I wish everyone to know and believe;

1. How the Roman Empire never fell, and instead was “Christianized.”
2. How terribly evil the Vatican was, and still is. Nearly every form of mid-evil torture devised that we know about was indeed devised and invented by the Vatican.
3. How the Roman Empire or the Vatican (They are synonymous) ruled the entire world through fear, butchery, and a rabid police state where free thought was not permitted.

Yet for the few of its faults, this video can be used to showcase how terribly evil and corrupt this institution has always been, and will always be, for a leopard cannot change its spots, or a Zebra its stripes.

And this video will take you all the way from about 1200 up to around 1815-1870, and show you how the Inquisition, according to the video worked right up until then. In reality the Inquisition has always been amongst us, even before Pope Innocent III made it a formal mechanized process around 1200.

World War I & World War II were most definitely instigated by the Vatican and were no doubt continuations of the Inquisition. Korea, Vietnam, the same. Rwanda. Nearly every single war in history was their crusade or Inquisition, to wipe out the “heretics” and those who would not bow before their Pope as God.

Go here to this link to see some tid bits and wet your appetite, and learn about this video you guys will all get to see shortly. Perhaps we could get some people who are willing to burn copies for those without broadband connections, so they too can watch this video and be edified thereby.

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