Alex Jones Honorary Member RSICC – Zionist Vatican Organization

Alex Jones Honorary Member RSICC


Aug. 7, 2006 Memo

It has come to our attention that Alex Jones has repudiated having any membership with RSICC. He stated on an April 25, 2006 radio show (about 35-40 minutes in) that he never agreed to membership, but that he was inducted absent of his knowledge or consent..

That is not true.

I spoke with Alex by phone back in December, 2001, and he like the idea of what we were doing, and he agreed to be listed as a member. We modified his membership to “Honorary” in March, 2002, due to his lack of participation in the decision-making process. He was notified of this profile page.

I’ve never been contacted by Alex Jones requesting removal of this profile, or resignation from membership.

Alex obviously is making a huge impact worldwide, and probably considers this a low priority for his time. When he states that he never agreed to membership in RSICC, he probably forgot about our initial phone conversation. That’s fine.

I just wish to set the record straight that we do not induct people into membership without their consent.

RSICC has been dormant for several years, due to lack of funding.

My intent in clarifying is not the paint Alex as a liar, for I am guessing it is just a matter of forgetfulness on his part. My intent is to make it clear that we did not induct Alex Jones as a member without his knowledge and without his consent.

We wish Mr. Jones continued success in the great work he is doing of informing people about what is going on in dark corners of the planet.

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Alex Jones Honorary Member RSICC


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