Do Americans Want To Turn Their Government Over To Rome? Look At Rwanda Genocide And Ask: Can It Happen Here?

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 23rd, 2007

Do Americans Want To Turn Their Government Over To Rome? Look At Rwanda Genocide And Ask: Can It Happen Here?

In 100 days, 800,000 were slaughtered in a Vatican orchestrated genocide of the 1990’s.

By Greg Szymanski

Mar 22, 2007

The Vatican has already admitted to taking part in the World War II Croatian genocide where more than 800,000 innocents were brutally slaughtered. These horrific admissions came to the sad light of day in recent federal court proceedings in San Francisco in a case presently on the docket where the Vatican bank is the defendant.

Now more horrific information is coming forward about Rome’s most recent genocide in the 1990’s where more innocent blood was shed in Rwanda, where in 100 days more than 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered.

Although the Arctic Beacon has covered this Vatican genocide in previous articles, here is more information compiled by researchers in a compilation of facts entitled Innocent Blood:

Innocent Blood: Rome’s Genocide of the 1990s

Four years after the Vatican representative marched down the aisle of the General Conference session to a standing ovation by the delegates, Rome began her genocide of the last decade of the Twentieth Century in Rwanda.

Rwanda, called the “Little Switzerland” of Africa is the most Catholicized nation on the continent of Africa. (Philip Gourevitch, We Wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998, p. 55). This book is a New York Times Bestseller and Editor’s choice, and the winner of five prestigious prizes and awards, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

The British Church Newspaper, April 16, 2004, carried an article by a correspondent, “Genocide of the Tutsis the Role of the Roman Catholic Church.” This article declares,

Similar to RC Role In Supporting the Nazis

“Events and media coverage of the 10th anniversary of the Hutu massacres of 800,000 Tutsis in the spring of 1994 have strangely omitted the role of the institution largely responsible for the genocide-the Roman Catholic Church. Its role may be compared to its role in supporting the Nazis in the 1930s.” –

“Genocide of the Tutsis – the Role of the Roman Catholic Church,” British Church Newspaper, April 16, 2004, European Institute of Protestant Studies.




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Rome Actually Claims Four Out of Five Rwandans Are Its Adherents

In Rwanda, 65% of the population is Roman Catholic. 9% are Protestant, according to Ecumenical News International. In the article, which quote a 1999 Guardian article by Christ McGreal, it is noted that the Roman Catholic Church actually claims four out of five, or 80% of Rwandans as its adherents.

Brief History of Rwanda

The British Church Newspaper article reveals the history of Rwanda from the time that German colonialists arrived in Rwanda-Burundi in the 1870s to find a well ordered society. The Tutsis were dominant cattle owners, and held power in the “central court”. The Hutus were peasant farmers who could move into the Tutsi elite on merit, with the Hutu chiefs playing a significant role in the society.

Roman Catholic “White Fathers” Order Arrives Beginning in 1880s

“From the 1880s onward, Belgian Roman Catholic missionaries from the Vatican’s’ White Fathers Order’ increased their influence in the area, and in the 1919 Versailles settlement after World War I, Rwanda became a League of Nations ‘Trust Territory’ under Belgian control.

White Fathers Develop Racist Theory

“The ‘White Fathers’ consolidated their influence. Darwinian evolutionary and racial theories were then in full flow. The ‘Fathers’ developed a bizarre racist theory to explain the relatively well-ordered African society they were dealing with, the so-called ‘Hamitic hypothesis’. This proclaimed that ‘civilised’ African societies emanate-ed from an invasion of ‘Ham-ites’ who originally settled in Ethiopia.

Rwandan History Rewritten By RC Academics and Belgian Administrators

“Rwandan history was effectively rewritten by RC academics and Belgian colonial administrators. The Tutsi were Hamites, descended from Ham, whilst the Hutus were of inferior stock and destined to be treated like Bantu serfs, whilst a small group of hunter-gatherers and potters, the Twa, were regarded as ‘aboriginal pygmoids’ – supposedly remnants of an earlier stage of human evolution.” Ibid.

Belgium Ruled Rwanda More or Less as a Joint Venture With the Roman Catholic Church Because of this only Tutsi were given responsibility in Rwanda. Their power increased greatly, while Hutu resentment grew. This set the stage for the post World War II Roman Catholic missionaries. Belgium ruled “Rwanda more or less as a joint venture with the Roman Catholic Church.” (Gourevitch, 56)

Rwanda the Most Catholicized Country in Africa

In 1931 the Belgians and the Catholic Church installed a national leader selected for his compliance. He promptly converted to Catholicism which sparked a national rush to the baptismal font that made Rwanda the most Catholicized country in Africa.

The Same Year Hitler Conducted a Census to Identify Jews in Europe, the Belgians Issued Ethnic Identity Cards in Rwanda

“In 1933-34 the Belgians conducted a census in order to issue ‘ethnic’ identity cards, which labeled every Rwandan as either Hutu (eighty-five percent) or Tutsi (fourteen percent) or Twa (one percent).” -Gourevitch, 56, 57. The Belgians perfected the administration of an apartheid system.

Meanwhile, in Germany, “On June 16, 1933, one-half million census takers… went door-to-door…cadres of Storm Troopers and SS officers [were] added to create a virtual census army.”-Edwin Black, IBM and the Holocaust. New York: Crown Publishers, 2001, p. 56. The census provided the intelligence for identifying the Jews for the Holocaust. While the “White Fathers” conducted the census in Rwanda, the Jesuit-run SS were conducting the census in Germany. What power might have coordinated the two censuses the same year, both which resulted in genocide?

Catholic Schools Dominate; Every School Child Taught Racism

The Catholic schools dominated the educational system. Ethnicity became the defining feature of Rwandan existence. Every schoolchild was reared in the “doctrine of racial superiority and inferiority.” (Gourevitch, 57.)

The Tutsis were told “You whip the Hutu or we will whip you.” The favoritism of the White Fathers for the Tutsis would now whiplash back the other way, for young Flemish priests arriving after World War II took up the cause of the Hutus.

“After World War II the influence of the White Fathers Order diminished as a new wave of young Papal missionaries came over from Belgian seminaries. They brought with them ‘social justice’ [note: read Marxist] theories that were now being developed by the Vatican to promote RC influence in third world countries. These mostly Flemish priests identified with the by-now oppressed Hutu majority, took up their cause, and gradually forced the Tutsis to relinquish their grip on the country. One result was a Hutu uprising in 1959 which led to 10,000 Tutsis being killed and over 100,000 being driven abroad.”–British Church Newspaper.

The Flemish priests, calling for social revolution, sparked a national uprising of Hutus against the Tutsi, called “the wind of destruction.” Belgian troops stood idly by as Hutus torched Tutsi homes.

RC Church Orchestrates Calls for Tutsis to Be “Sent Back Home”

“Three years later, Gregoire Kayibanda, Secretary to Monsignor Vincent Nsengiyuma, Rwanda’s Archbishop, became first President of an independent Rwanda, having earlier founded the racial supremacist ‘Parme Hutu’ party. Now the Tutsi were seen by RC thinkers as ‘invaders’ from Ethiopia and the RC Church orchestrated calls for the Tutsi to be ‘sent back home’.

Hutu RC Priests and Religious Leaders: Tutsi ‘Cockroaches’

“A notable event was the disgraceful letter sent in 1972 to the Archbishop by a group of eleven Hutu RC priests and religious leaders, referring to the Tutsi as ‘inyensi’ (cock-roaches) – a word used frequently by Hutu killers in 1994.” Ibid.

Experts Say Genocide Planned and Coordinated By RC Church Leaders

‘The events leading up to the genocide in April 1994 were, according to many experts, planned and coordinated by RC church leaders and politicians in conjunction with Hutu racial supremacists and United States Ambassador David Rawson…

“A key role in the Rwandan massacres was to deny that genocide was taking place, since under international law that would have ‘obliged’ the UN and the international community to intervene. Instead, they claimed there were merely ‘individual acts of genocide.’ They also actively frustrated UN attempts to send troops to Rwanda….

Identification Papers

“Just as the identification of the Jews on local authority registers in Holland in the 1930s enabled Hitler’s men to rapidly identify and round up Jews there in 1940, it is salutary to note that the Catholic inspired racial ideology of the 1920s and 1930s required all Rwandans to carry papers identifying them as either Hutu, Tutsi or Twa. This made the job of the Hutu mass-murderers, whose efforts at one time led to 40,000 Tutsi bodies floating down to Lake Victoria, all the easier.” -“Genocide of the Tutsis – the Role of the Roman Catholic Church,” British Church Newspaper, April 16, 2004.

Genocide Carefully Orchestrated: Register the Tutsi for Extermination

The Canadian UN General “Dallaire three months before the start of what would become the fastest killing campaign of the twentieth century” sent a fax from Rwanda “to Kofi Annan, that, according to ‘Jean Pierre’ an anonymous informant high up in the inner circles of the Interahamwe Rwandan militia, Hutu extremists ‘had been ordered to register all the Tutsi in Kigali.’ ‘He suspects it is for their extermination,’ Dallaire wrote.

‘Example he gave was that in 20 minutes his personnel could kill up to 1,000 Tutsis. ”’- –Samantha Power in the Foreword to Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, Force Commander of the UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda, 1993-1994, Shake Hands With the Devil. New York: Carroll & Graf, 2003, p. ix. Winner of the 2004 Governor General’s Literary Award for Nonfiction, Canada Council for the Arts.

Cells Make Lists of Tutsis for Extermination

Later “Jean Pierre” revealed that Interahamwe cells were ordered to “make lists of the Tutsis in their various communes.” He suspected that the lists were made “so that, when the time came the Tutsis… could easily be rounded up and exterminated.” It was “a plan to create a series of highly efficient death squads.” -Dallaire, 142. A little over a month before the genocide began, Dallaire learned that the schools were registering the ethnic identities of the students. (Dallaire, 198)

“Jean Pierre” even warned that the genocidists even infiltrated the UN peacekeeping force at the highest levels. Even Dallaire’s driver was a spy. They had a steady stream of information about the UN mission at the highest levels that immediately was passed to the killers.

UN Betrayal

Kofi Annan ordered Dallaire to give the information collected from “Jean Pierre” directly and immediately to President Habyarimana, thus totally compromisingthe tiny UN force by giving all its intelligence to the enemy-the genocidists. This whole genocide was rigged from the beginning from the top down. When Dallaire sought to warn Belgium, the US and France about the plotting of the genocidaires, Dallaire was convinced that the governments of Belgium, the US and France already knew the crucial information he had acquired from the informant. At virtually every turn, the effort to stop the genocide was blocked by the UN and the international community.

“A Hidden Hand At Work, Orchestrating It All, ” “The Shrouded Entity That Seemed to be Running the Show”

Lt. General Dallaire writes, “I couldn’t get over the feeling that there was a hidden hand at work, orchestrating it all…

” . . . the Rwandan ambassador to the UN, Jean-Damascene Bizimana, had had a seat on the Security Council and was not only privy to the inner workings of the mission but to the Security Council’s attitude toward the mission and its many woes. All this information was obviously being fed back to the shrouded entity that seemed to be running the show in Rwanda…my small team of intelligence officers… were risking their lives for crumbs of information while the extremists had a direct pipeline to the kind of strategic intelligence that allowed them to shadow my every move.” -Dallaire, 194, 195. (emphasis ours)

Murder of Belgian Peacekeepers

The genocide was so well orchestrated and masterminded on an international level that the plan, according to ‘Jean Pierre’ was also “to murder a number of Belgian peacekeepers in order to ‘guarantee Belgian withdrawal from Rwanda.”’ Dallaire, Ibid., p. ix.

The murder of Belgian peacekeepers took place the very day, April 6, 1994, the Rwandan president’s plane was shot down, starting the genocide.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary Taken to Support the Genocide

On May 14, 1994, the apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared at the hilltop shrine of Kibeho. The message attributed to her by the visionary Valentine Nyiramukiza was “broadcast on Radio Rwanda at the time, and a number of Rwandan priests and journalists-including Thomas Kamilindi, who heard it at the Hotel des Mille Collines-told me [Gourevitch] that the Virgin was reported to have said that President Habyarimana was with her in heaven, and that her words were widelv interpreted as an expression of divine support for the genocide.” -Gourevitch, 137.

Priest Wenceslas Provides Killers With Lists of Tutsis

Father Wenceslas, a priest in Rwanda, was charged in France in 1998 with “providing killers with lists of Tutsi refugees at his church, flushing refugees out of hiding to be killed, attending massacres without interfering, sabotaging UNAMIR’s efforts to evacuate refugees from the church,” and much more. (Gourevitch, 136).

Local Priest Described As A Leader of Interahamwe Attacks

A “local priest, Father Thadee Rusingizandekwe, was described by survivors as one of the leaders of several interahamwe [militia] attacks.”-Gourevitch, 137.

Bishop Accused of Barring Tutsis From Refuge

Bishop of Gikongoro, Monsignor Augustin Misago, was often described as a Hutu Power sympathizer, publicly accused of barring Tutsis from places of refuge, and telling “a group of ninety Tutsi schoolchildren, who were being held in preparation for slaughter, not to worry, because the police would protect them. Three days later, the police helped to massacre eighty-two of the children.” Gourevitch, 137.

“Prosecutors say at least 2,000 people were killed at the Nyange Church in western Rwanda when the parish ordered the church to be bulldozed on top of Tutsi refugees.” NPR: Catholic Complicity and Rwanda Genocide.

In 100 Days 800,000 Slaughtered

A box at the end of the British Church Newspaper article states that in 100 days an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered. “The killers…did their work five times faster than the gas chambers used by the Nazis during the Second World War, according to some academics.” Tutsis and Hutu moderates were killed 10,000 a day, 333 1/3 an hour, 5 1/2 every minute.

“The Vatican is Too Strong…to Go Taking On Bishops”

An official at the Ministry of Justice in Kigali told Gourevitch why Misago could not be arrested, ”’The Vatican is too strong, and too unapologetic for us to go taking on bishops. Haven’t you heard of infallibility?'” -Gourevitch, 140.

But local courts have charged some priests. White Fathers Priest Charged With Inciting Genocide

The Radio Netherlands website carried an article by Robert Chesal, Sept. 14, 2005, “A set-up? Belgian priest stands trial for Rwandan genocide.”

Chesal reports, “A Belgian priest, Father Guy Theunis, has been charged with inciting people to take part in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The priest, a missionary with the ‘White Fathers’ in the African country between 1970 and 1994, was arrested at Kigali airport last week as he waited for a flight to Brussels.

“Father Theunis went on trial this week before a Rwandan ‘gacaca’ or community court. The charges against him: inciting genocide and spreading extremist propaganda by publishing articles in the magazine he edited at the time which encouraged Hutus to take part in the killing of Tutsis…

”They decided [the gacaca court]…he was a Category One offender, which means that he was one of the principle ideologues of the genocide.’ -Richard Haavisto.” Some in Belgium think this is an attempt to shift the blame from the Roman Catholic Church to an individual, making the priest a scapegoat to take the blame which should be placed upon the Roman Catholic Church.

Two Nuns Handed Thousands to Death

Over BBC News reports that “Sister Gertrude Mukangango received a 14-year sentence for her role in the massacre of some 7,000 people seeking refuge at her convent in southern Rwanda. Sister Maria Kisito

Mukabutera received a 12-year sentence…..

“The court heard how the two nuns handed over thousands of people who had sought refuge in their convent.

”They even supplied cans of petrol to the Hutu militias, who set fire to a garage sheltering some 400 refugees.”

Benedictine Nuns Accused of Collaborating With Militia

The American Society of International Law states that the two nuns are “Benedictine nuns accused of collaborating with Hutu militia to kill Tutsis seeking refuge at the Sovu convent in Butare, Rwanda…

“Both nuns are accused of forcing Tutsis to leave the Sovu convent compound when they knew that armed Hutu militia were gathered outside; thousands of those who had sought sanctuary were allegedly driven out and killed. Sister Gertrude, Mother Superior of the convent, is also accused of contacting officials days later to ask them to remove the last remaining 30 Tutsi…the leader of the local militia has admitted his part in the genocide and stated that the nuns provided vehicles, information and support in killing the Tutsis. He states that ‘[t]hose two nuns collaborated with us in everything we did. They shared our hatred of the Tutsis. I did not do anything without first discussing it with Kisito and Gertrude. They handed over innocent people, without being threatened in any way, and without us having to use force.”’ -ASIL Insights, “Belgian Jury to Decide Case Concerning Rwandan Genocide, by Linda Keller, May 2001.

Hundreds Now Being Executed Before Firing Squads

The two nuns and the White Fathers priest can be thankful to be tried in Belgium, for hundreds are now being executed before firing squads in Rwanda. “More than one hundred thousand Hutus accused of aiding the mass murder now await their trials in dirty jails, and hundreds have been sentenced to death; every few days the public can watch the convicted Hutus don black hoods before facing a firing squad.” -M. L. Rossi, What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World. New York: Penguin (Plume Book), p. 239.

Radio Stations Stirred Up and Directed the Genocide

Radio Stations drove the genocide. Three men have been convicted in this regard: Hassan Ngeze, who owned the newspaper Kangura, Ferdinand Nahimana, who controlled the popular radio station RTLM, and Jean-Bosco Baryagwiza, the station’s co-founder. ”The judges found that the station and newspaper branded all Tutsi, armed or unarmed, as the enemy.” Sharon LaFraniere, New York Times, “Court Convicts 3 in 1994 Genocide Across Rwanda”, Dec. 3, 2003.

“During the genocide, radio was used by the Hutu extremist conspirators to mobilize the Hutu majority, to coordinate the killings and to ensure that the plans for extermination were faithfully executed.”Fahamu Networks for social justice, “Role of the Media in the Genocide in Rwanda.”

The Propagandists

There appeared to be deliberate coordination among propagandists and between them and government officials. In the Butare prefecture a mimeographed document was discovered, “Note Relative a la Propagande d’Expansion et de Recrutement.” In the document “one propagandist tells others how to sway the public most effectively. Obviously someone who had studied at university level, the author of the note presents a detailed analysis of a book called Psychologie de la publicite et de la propagande, by Roger Mucchielli, published in Paris in 1970.

Creating Events

”The author of the note claims to convey lessons learned from the book and drawn from Lenin and Goebbels. He advocates using lies, exaggeration, ridicule, and innuendo to attack the opponent, in both his public and his private life…the propagandist proposes two techniques that were to become often used in Rwanda. The first is to ‘create’ events to lend credence to propaganda. He remarks that this tactic is not honest, but that it works well, provided the deception is not discovered. The ‘attack’ on Kigali on October 4-5, 1990 was such a ‘created’ event, as were others-the reported discovery of hidden arms, the passage of a stranger with a mysterious bag, the discovery of radio communications equipment-that were exploited later, especially during the genocide.

“Accusation in a Mirror”

“The propagandist calls his second proposal ‘Accusation in a mirror’, meaning his colleagues should impute to enemies exactly what they and their own party are planning to do. He explains, ‘In this way, the party which is using terror will accuse the enemy of using terror. With such a tactic, propagandists can persuade listeners and ‘honest people’ that they are being attacked and are justified in taking whatever measures are necessary ‘for legitimate [self-] defense.’ This tactic worked extremely well, both in specific cases such as the Bugesera massacre of March 1992 described below and in the broader campaign to convince Hutu that Tutsi planned to exterminate them. There is no proof that officials and propagandists who ‘created’ events and made ‘accusations in a mirror’ were familiar with this particular document, but they regularly used the techniques that it described.” –Human Rights Watch, “HRW Report- Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda, March 1,” “Propaganda and Practice. “

Radio: Extirpate the Enemy

Human Rights Watch states that the newspaper Kangura was one of the most virulent voices of hate, but the radio, particularly RTLM, was to become even more effective, giving the message of hate directly and simultaneously to a wide audience. For the Newspaper, the Radio was an important ally in the “fight to defend the republic.” After the genocide started, RTLM radio pulled into its orbit another station, Radio Rwanda. The radio, during the genocide, became the sole source of news for the people, as well as the sole authority for interpreting its meaning. The two stations had a single message about the need to extirpate the ‘enemy.’

Professors Become Propagandists

The propagandists would assert that their information came from ‘intellectuals’ or ‘professors at the national university.’ Two professors turned propagandists, one, Nahimana, wound up director of RTLM radio.

Propagandists Used Religion and the Church

“Propagandists used religion and the church to validate their teachings. Umurava Magazine declared ‘It is God who has given [President] Habyarimana the power to direct the country, it is He who will show him the path to follow.’ . . . Cartoons sometimes portrayed

Habyarimana as a saint or a priest…. .Following killings of Hutu in Burundi in 1991, Kangura featured the Christ child with Mary and Joseph on the cover of the January issue. Mary asks the Christ child to save the Hutu of Burundi. He replies that he will tell them to love each other. Joseph comments, ‘No, instead tell the Hutu of the world to unite.’ In a country where 90 percent of the people called themselves Christian and 62 percent were Catholic, these references to religion helped make the teachings of fear and hate more acceptable.”-HR, op. cit.

Propagandists Used the Teaching of the Social Justice Priests

”The propagandists asserted that the Tutsi, as Ethiopids or Nilotics, had no right to inhabit Central Africa.”-HRW; Ibid.

This, of course, is the very teaching of the Flemish Social Justice priests.

“Local officials at the level of cell, sector, and commune directed the early massacres.” HRW. The government distributed machetes and radios.

ID Cards Spell Death

Roadblocks were everywhere. “Tutsi attempting to pass the barriers were usually identified by their identity cards and then slain. Those who decided not to flee were killed in their homes.”-HRW.

Does America really want to turn its government over to Rome, as Rwanda did decades ago, as Germany did in the 1930s?

Can It Happen Here?

Five Times the Intensity of the Holocaust

The horror of the Rwandan genocide is breathtaking. For intensity, compared with the Nazi genocide, it was five times as intense. And this over three months–100 days– in 1994.

Truly the Rwandan genocide is a study in how Rome conducts genocide on the eve of the twenty-first century. It is a mighty reminder of what Rome does when she has the power.

Handing Power Over, Wholesale, to Rome

America is now handing over power, wholesale, to Rome. The executive, the legislative, the judicial-in every branch of government, and in all the denominations with Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Directors, and in the media.

God’s word has given warning of the impending danger; let this be unheeded, and the Protestant world will learn what the purposes of Rome really are, only when it is too late to escape the snare. She is silently growing into power. Her doctrines are exerting their influence in legislative halls, in the churches, and in the hearts of men. She is piling up her lofty and massive structures in the secret recesses of which her former persecutions will be repeated. Stealthily and unsuspectedly she is strengthening her forces to further her own ends when the time shall come for her to strike. All that she desires is vantage ground. and this is already being given her. We shall soon see and shall feel what the purpose of the Roman element is. Whoever shall believe and obey the word of God will thereby incur reproach and persecution.

Vantage Ground

Truly, placing five Roman Catholic judges on the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution in harmony with the papal interpretation is giving Rome vantage ground. Having Jesuits and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps run the Department of Homeland Security is giving Rome vantage ground. Teaching all the churches the fundamental training of the Jesuit Order, Spiritual Formation, is giving Rome vantage ground. Taking away the freedoms of the Constitution with antiterrorist legislation is giving Rome vantage ground. Expansion of executive authority, to the field of torture, secret CIA prisons around the world, wiretapping of American citizens illegally, and the president seeking the authority to solely determine who the enemy is, is all giving Rome vantage ground.

Insane Thinking: Transforming the State Into Totalitarianism

The same kind of insane thinking that gripped Nazi Germany is abroad in America today. The president, caught redhanded spying on US citizens without a warrant, even a warrant from the secret FISA court, is boldly justifying his right to spy on US citizens, based on the Constitution, though no citation is given from the Constitution, and though the Constitution expressly forbids it in the Fourth Amendment.

The Big Lie

It is the principle of the Big Lie, used by Hitler, that if you repeat a big enough lie, often enough, boldly enough, the people will believe it. Here the Big Lie is that though the Constitution expressly forbids it in the Fourth Amendment, the Constitution really completely endorses what it expressly forbids. The Vicepresident has just justified the President’s illegal spying based on the Constitution, with no quotation given.

Talk Show Hosts Sway the Masses, Bv Radio. Just as in Rwanda, Calling for the Roundup of Any One in a Mosque, and the ACLU

And the talk show hosts take up the issue hour by hour, day after day, justifying illegal wiretapping, justifying torture, some even calling for the wholesale roundup and detention of massive numbers of people, and one talk show host calling for the extermination off of the face of the earth of those Islamic fundamentalists, wherever they might be, who might be a threat to national security. This talk show host, January 19, 2006, ranting and yelling, called for the roundup of everyone found in a mosque. Next, the talk show host, who is on hundreds and hundreds of stations, and who has written at least one best-seller, called for the leadership of the American Civil Liberties Union to be rounded up and hauled away. Then he could go after all the Islamic Fundamentalists without let or hindrance.

The Same Kind of Thing

After hearing this on the radio, I turned to my wife and said, After reading about the propaganda tactics used over the radio in Rwanda to drive the genocide, this kind of ranting sounds like the same kind of thing all over again.

A Sustained Effort to Identify those Opposing the Removal of Liberty With the Terrorists

Now on television, on talk radio, and now even books, there is a sustained effort to identify the Left, that is the Enlightenment forces in America who are opposing the removal of liberty in America, those opposing torture and illegal wiretaps along with other issues-there is a sustained effort to identify Civil Libertarians still seeking to maintain the Bill of Rights with the terrorists.

The King of the North, the Papacy, is beginning with whirlwind force to roll over its opposition, the King of the South, the forces of the French Revolution, which have kept the papacy in check since 1798. (Dan. 11:40)

America is teetering on the brink of what happened to Germany in the 1930s, and what happened in Rwanda in the 1990s. In Rwanda it was “save the republic, ”in Germany it was for the protection of the people and the state.

Totalitarianism Justified On the Basis of a Real Threat

And, while the Nazis justified their tyranny on the grounds of protection of the Fatherland from the Bolshevik threat, and it was a real threat, with the communists in the streets battling the Brown Shirts, today those vociferously advocating the reinstitution of torture, illegal spying, wholesale roundups of certain groups of people, are justifying it on the grounds of the Islamic fundamentalist threat.

To Protect the State and the People

In Germany, after the SS burned down the Reichstag, blaming it on the patsy-a half wit communist-the Enabling Acts were passed, sweeping away the Constitutional rights of the people, and giving Hitler dictatorial powers, –all in the name of the protection of the state and the people.

Paranoia of Identifying Enemies of the State

It is the Hegelian dialectic at work in the political field for building the totalitarian threat. It was the same in the Soviet Union. Tens of millions were starved to death or sent to the Gulags out of a paranoid fear of counter-revolutionary activity-that they might be an enemy of the state because of their class affiliation-such as the middle class farmers-the Kulaks-who were starved to death by the millions by Stalin.

All that she desires is vantage ground, and this is already being given her. We shall soon see and shall feel what the purpose of the Roman element is. Whoever shall believe and obey the word of God will thereby incur reproach and persecution.

“As Many As Would Not Worship the Image of the Beast Should Be Killed”

The Bible, the sure Word of Prophecy, declares:

“And he [the two-horned lamb like, dragons peaking beast] had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Rev. 13: 15.

It will be global. It will be considered to be a matter of national security, just as Caiaphas argued, it is better for this or that group to perish, that the nation perish not.


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