The Reformation Online proudly presents John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), the real Discoverer of the New World!!

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 17th, 2007
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The Reformation Online proudly presents John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), the real Discoverer of the New World!!


To the corrupt Old World he gave a New World!!

In 1494, John Cabot planted the banners of England and France in the New World.

In 1494, John Cabot planted the banners of England and France in the New World.

  On June 24, 1494, John Cabot landed in the New World and planted the banners of England and France and the lion of St. Mark of Venice. According to the laws of discovery in force at that time, when a country discovered an island, that entire island belonged to that country. Since the New World was ONE CONTINENT or landmass from north to south, John Cabot’s claim of first discovery extends to the entire New World. Christopher Columbus can claim the islands of Santo Domingo, Cuba and the Caribbean Islands but that is all.

Proud to be a Cabotian!!

Map of Cabotia published in 1814
View enlarged map

Map of Cabotia published in 1814

In 1814, a GREAT Briton named John Purdy published a huge 4 part map of Canada and the U.S. with the correct name of the New World. Thanks to the followers of Columbus, the name of Florentine fraud Amerigo Vespucci is still retained on New World maps.


“A GOOD NAME is rather to be chosen than great riches ”
(Proverbs 22:1).

The Continent of Cabotia was formed during the year of the Great Flood of Noah. Billions of gallons of water were drained from the drowned land surface of the pre-Flood world and the water formed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The great Flood occurred exactly 1656 year after the creation of the world in 6046.

The corrupt pre-Flood world was destroyed by water. By the time of the New World discovery in 1494, the old world was completely corrupt once again!!

500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the New World

I understand that the New World was inhabited by millions of people thousands of years before Cabot’s Discovery. The first people to arrive here were the descendants of Noah who came a few hundred years after the nations were scattered at the Tower of Babel. The first settlers might have been blown across the ocean by a hurricane or simply fishermen who arrived here in search of fish.

Later on the Phoenicians came here and we know that the Egyptians built the pyramids in Mexico. Around the year 600 A.D., Hibernian (Irish) missionaries came here in order to preach true Christianity to the natives. The merciless mercenary Vikings came here too but they followed the Irish missionaries in order to kill them and destroy their work.

These facts about the Discovery by John Cabot are presented in order to DISPROVE once and for all the Bull of the perverted Alexander Borgia which gave the entire New World to Spain by right of the “discovery” of Christopher Columbus:

The Bull of Borgia giving the New World to Spain!!

” . . .we of our own motion, and not either at your request or at the instant petition of any other person, but of our own mere liberality and certain science, and by the fulness of Apostolical power, do give, grant, and assign to you, your heirs and successors, all the main lands and islands found or to be found, discovered or to be discovered, toward the west and south, drawing a line from the Arctic pole to the Antarctic pole, that is, from the north to the south, …” (Bull of Borgia) “We furthermore inhibit all manner of persons, of what state, degree, order, or condition soever they be, although of Imperial and regal dignity, under the pain of the sentence of excommunication which they shall incur if they do to the contrary, that they in no case presume, without special licence of you, your heirs and successors, to travel for merchandise or for any other cause, to the said lands or islands, found or to be found, discovered or to be discovered, towards the west and south,. . .”

John Cabot was the true Discoverer of the New World!!

John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) (1450-1499), the true Discoverer of the New World.

John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) (1450-1499), the true Discoverer of the New World.



John Cabot discovered the New World in 1494 on June 24, at 5:00 in the morning.

View enlarged map

John Cabot discovered the New World in 1494 on June 24, at 5:00 in the morning.


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At the beginning of the last quarter of world history, God used his great servant Saint Martin Luther to end the Babylonian Captivity of the Congregation and the long dark night of the Dark Ages. This He did by His GIFT of the printing press and the translating of the Bible into all the languages of Europe. Every translation of the Bible is based on the incomparable translation of the Great Martin Luther.

Then God planned to bring the Good News to the New World people who had been held in Satan’s heavy chains of bondage for centuries. To accomplish this he used John Cabot to discover His New World for England.

William Tyndale opened the eyes of the English people to the real nature of Rome by his incomparable translation of the Bible into English. This noble act cost him his life but as he was about to be burned at the stake he prayed “Lord, open the eyes of the king of England.”

God did indeed answer that prayer when Henry VIII broke with Rome. God used an English maiden named Saint Anne Boleyn to break the alliance with Spain by the marriage of Henry to Catherine of Aragon.

The next step was for Protestant England to bring the Good News of the Bible to ALL the people of the New World….Satan and Rome were not about to roll over and die however. The evil one had a diabolical plan to steal the New World for himself and set up the Spanish Inquisition instead of the Gospel of Christ. Satan can delay or postpone the plans of God . . . but he cannot stop their ultimate triumph!!

Rome, Portugal, and Spain conspired to steal the New World from England and Venice!!

We will now see how Rome, Portugal, and Spain tried to steal the New World from England and Venice and set up the dreaded Inquisition in its stead:

For the last seven years the people of Bristol have equipped two, three [and] four caravels to go in search of the island of Brazil (Newfoundland) and the Seven Cities according to the fancy of this Genoese“(Pedro de Ayala letter from London written in 1498).



John Cabot’s first voyage that we know of was made in 1491 and his first Discovery of the New World was in 1494.

The GREAT New World Discoverer may have made earlier attempts to reach the New World but the first voyage that we know about was made in 1491.

All the later historians have the first Cabot voyage in 1497, but I always thought that there was something “fishy” about that date. I thought it strange that Cabot arrived in Bristol in 1480 and he was just testing the waters as they say for 17 years. Then I found this tome by a BRILLIANT Italian professor named Francesco Tarducci. He sets the record straight about the great Venetian:

Professor Tarducci's book from 1893 proves that 1494 was the date for the Discovery of the New World.

Professor Tarducci’s book from 1893 proves that 1494 was the date for the Discovery of the New World.

“The untiring industry of our author in the examination of the records and documents has enabled him to fix the date of the discovery of the American Continent by John Cabot and his sons as June 24, 1494.”

Henry F. Brownson.


Sebastian Cabot Planisphere

View enlarged map

This map, called the Sebastian Cabot Planisphere (1544) is in the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris. It shows the correct date of 1494 for the Discovery. It reads in Latin with the Arabic date of 1494:

“Terram hanc olim nobis clausam, aperuit Ioannes Cabotus Venetus, necno Sebastianus Cabotus eius filius anno ab orbe redem pto 1494 die vero 24 Julij (sic), hora 5 sub diluculo, quá terrá prima visain appellarunt, et Iusulá quandi magná ei oppositá, Insulá divi Io annis nominarunt, quippe quae solemni die festo divi Ioannnis a perta fuit. Huius terrae incolae pellibus animalium induuntur, arcuin in bello, sa gittis, hastis spiculis clavis ligneis, et fundis utuntur, sterilis incultaq tellus fuit, leonibus, ursis albis, procerisque cervis, piscibus innume-ris lupis scilicet, salmonibus, et ingentibus soleis, unius ulnao longitudine, altisque diversis piscium generibus abundat, horum autem maxima copia est, quos vulgus Bacallios appellat, ad haec insunt accipitres nigri corvorum similes, aquilae, perdicesque fusco colore aliaeque diversae volucres.”


This is the Spanish inscription on the map!!

“Esa tiera fue descubierta por Ioan Caboto Veneciano, y Sebastian Caboto su hijo, anno del nascimiento de nuestro Salvador JesuChristo de M. CCCC. XCIIII, a veinte y quatro de Iunio, por la mannana, ala qual pusieron nombre prima tierra vista, y a una isla gráde que esta par de la dha tierra, le pusieron nombre sant Ioan, por aver sido descubierta el mismo dia la gente della andan vestidos depieles de animales, usan en sus guerras arcos, y flechas, lancas, y dardos, y unas porras de palo, y hondas. Es tierra muy steril, ay en ella muchos orsos plancos, y ciervos muy grádes como cavallos y otros muchos animales y semeiantemente ay pescado infinito, sollos, salmoes, lenguados, muy grandes de vara enlargo y otras muchas diversidades de pescados, y la mayor multitud dellos se dizen bacealaos, y asi mismo ay enla dha tierra Halcones prietos cuomo cuervos Aquillas, Perdices, Pardillas, y otras muchas aves de diversas maneras.”

John Cabot explaining his great Discovery of the New World to King Henry VII of England.

John Cabot explaining his great Discovery of the New World to King Henry VII of England.

  By the time John Cabot arrived back in Bristol after his great Discovery, the Papal Bull had arrived in England. Cabot realized at once that Rome and Spain was trying to STEAL the New World from him. To protect his Discovery, he applied to the king for a Royal Charter. King Henry granted the Charter but he know that this could cost him his throne due to the Papal threat of excommunication. This was just before the Reformation and ALL of Europe still trembled before this roaring lion seated on the 7 Hills.Thank God that the king ignored his threats and fulminations!!

The Sebastian Cabot Planisphere was in the Secret Archives of the Vatican for about 300 years

The Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris

The Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris houses the original copy of the Sebastian Cabot Planisphere.

Make it destination #1 when you visit Paris—the city of LIGHTS!!

  The map was the work of Sebastian Cabot the son of John Cabot. It was discovered in 1843 in Bavaria. Like the Juan de la Cosa map, it was taken to Paris when Napoleon invaded Rome in 1810. Most of the Archives were returned except for this map and the Juan de la Cosa map.A magnificent half-sized colored offset of the map, complete with inscriptions and descriptions, by André Rossel and Roger Hervé, was published by Editions les Yeux Ouverts, in Paris, in 1968. There is a copy in the maps department of the New York Public library.

Sebastian Cabot's Planisphere in black and white
View enlarged map

Sebastian Cabot’s Planisphere in black and white.


Sebastian Cabot's Planisphere in color.
View enlarged map

Sebastian Cabot’s Planisphere in color.

The Juan de la Cosa map was also in the Secret Archives for about 300 years!!

Juan de la Cosa map from the year 1500
View enlarged map

Juan de la Cosa map from the year 1500

  The original parchment of this map or chart, a piece of ox-hide measuring 37.5 x 72 inches (96 X 183 cm), superbly illustrated in ink and water colors, was found in 1832 in a shop in Paris by Baron Walckenaer, a bibliophile and the Dutch Ambassador, and was brought to the attention of the world the following year by Alexander Humboldt, the famous German scholar. Upon the death of Baron Walckenaer in 1853 the map was purchased by the Queen of Spain, and though greatly deteriorated, is now the chief treasure of the Museo Naval in Madrid.

Official Chronology of John Cabot, the real Discoverer of the New World!!




John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) is born in Genoa, Italy. His father is a seaman and a merchant. In 1461, when John is 11, his family moves to Venice.


John Cabot becomes a citizen of the Republic of Venice. His hero is the Venetian explorer Marco Polo, and he is determined to reach China by sailing westward.


John Cabot arrives in Bristol, England, with his wife and 3 sons. He is a POOR MAN so he works in the Bristol fishing industry. After many years of hard work he finances the building of his own ship. A Bristol merchant named Richard AMERIKE helps to finance his voyages.


John Cabot makes his first attempt to reach the New World but he has to turn back because of a raging storm.


On May 2, he sails from Bristol again in his tiny ship called the Matthew manned by a crew of 18 Bristol sailors. On June 24, he lands on the coast of Canada. He plants the banner of England and the lion of St. Mark of Venice on the new found land (Newfoundland). He returns safely to Bristol in the month of August.


By this time, the news of the Papal Bull has reached England. John Cabot realizes that Columbus is trying to supplant him, so he applies to King Henry VII for a Royal Charter. The king grants the Charter but John Cabot must go at his own expense!!


With the Royal Charter of the king to legalize his discovery, John Cabot sails again in the Matthew. He lands on the coast of Maine and then sails south as far as Florida mapping the coast of the New World. He names the New World AMERIKE after his Bristol financier… On his return voyage, he names an island after his barber (surgeon), and another island after a Burgundian friend.
1498 On his 3rd voyage , he sails with 5 ships and provisions for a long voyage of exploration and colonization. He maps all the coast of the mainland from Canada to Venezuela still looking for Cipango (Japan) which he knew lay off the coast of China.


Cabot and his ships are intercepted somewhere off the coast of Venezuela by Alonso de Hojeda. The great Discoverer of the New World and all his crew are KILLED and their maps stolen!!

All the Cabot voyages of exploration were watched carefully by the agents of the Spanish Inquisition in England. Meticulous details of his first 2 voyages and the maps he made were sent to Spain….King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella put the Papal Bull into effect by issuing a license to kill to a notorious conquistador and cold-blooded murderer named Alonso de Hojeda . . . and sent him to intercept the Cabot expedition. On the Hojeda expedition was a navigator and mapmaker named Juan de la Cosa . . . and a banker named AMERIGO VESPUCCI.

Official Chronology of Portuguese Salvador Fernandez Zarco a.k.a. Christopher Columbus



About 1436

Portuguese Salvador Fernandez Zarco a.k.a. Christopher Columbus is born on one of the Madeira Islands.


Zarco/Columbus marries a Portuguese lady of royal birth named Doña Felipa Perestrello. She is the daughter of one of the discoverers of the islands.


After surviving a horrific hurricane that blew their ship all the way to the island of Santo Domingo in the New World, Alonso Sánchez the pilot and 4 Spanish sailors are shipwrecked on the island of Madeira . . . and they all die in the house of Columbus….He steals the maps and charts showing the location of the New World….Columbus approaches the king of Portugal in order to finance his voyage of “discovery” but the king refuses to meet his demands. Columbus’s wife Doña Felipa also dies mysteriously leaving him with a 5 year old son, Diego.


Columbus arrives in Spain and he presents his great idea for the “discovery” of new islands to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. They also refuse to meet his demands.


After receiving minute details of the voyages of John Cabot, the Catholic Sovereigns decide to give Columbus all the titles and money that he demanded….Using the dead pilot’s maps to guide him, he sets sail on August 3 with 3 ships: the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa María. Martin Pinzón, captain of the Niña, is first to land on Santo Domingo!!


In March, only the Niña and the Pinta return to Spain because Columbus shipwrecks his ship the Santa María. Before going to Barcelona to meet the King and Queen, Martin Pinzón invites Columbus to stay at his house . . . and he dies a few days later….Pope Borgia—a Spanish Pope—issues a Papal Bull (official Vatican document) giving the entire New World to Spain and warning every other nation not to even think about going there!!


On his 3rd voyage, Columbus finally reaches the coast of Venezuela and sees the New World mainland for the first time— 4 years after John Cabot. By this time, the news of the shipwrecked Spanish sailors is everywhere so Columbus decides to get revenge by killing and enslaving the New World natives….The Spanish Inquisition was also very anxious to occupy and set up forts on the islands and mainland in order to attack any English ships that appeared.


Columbus leaves Spain on his 4th voyage to the New World.


He arrives back in Spain a total failure after losing 2 ships.


Columbus dies of old age in Valladolid, Spain, on May 20, 1506. No living portrait of Columbus exists. The only portrait that is supposed to be close to his likeness is the one in the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid.

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500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the New World

The Bull of Borgia

Map of Cabotia published in 1814

First map with the name America on the North and South


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Barrara, Carlo Pezzi, Di Giovanni Cabotto, Tipografia Antonelli, Venezia, 1874.

Morison, Samuel Eliot, The European Discovery of America, The Northern Voyages, Oxford University Press, New York, 1971.

Nebenzahl, Kenneth, Maps from the Age of Discovery, Columbus to Mercator, Times Books Ltd, London, England, 1990.

Tarducci, Francesco, John & Sebastian Cabot, (Translated by Henry F. Brownson), H. F. Brownson Publisher, Detroit, 1893.

The medallion of the New World Discoverer is from the book Di Giovanni Cabotto by Carlo Pezzi Barrera, Venezia, 1874.

Copyright © 2007 by Niall Kilkenny

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