Vatican Infiltration of America Via Jesuits & Other Vatican Secret Societies

Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 14th, 2007

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Original Story written by: Thomas Richards

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Anyone who can not see that the Catholic Church dominates American Politics needs to look at these photographs.

First of all I want to show several close Jesuit affiliations to powerful people.
For example Jesuits as family members or close friendships, associations between Jesuits
and U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, Hollywood stars and other well known people. I will do this with pictures and a short description of who the people are and what was
going on at the time. I expect you to research these things on your own as well. I almost
always need more than one source to be convinced of something myself. Except of course when
there are pictures involved. It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let the images
do most of the talking.


Thomas Richards, the creator of this site, getting his Confirmation at
about 13 years old. Now, what agenda could he possibly have? Having been
raised in the Catholic Church and is now exposing it? It wasn’t until
1997 when he got saved by the power of Jesus Christ that he received
the revelation from God that catholicism is a man made religion and
not based on supernatural occurances from God like the Jews had in
the Old Testament, or at the time of Christ when He wrought all
manner of miracles, or after Christ’s death and ascension when
working through His disciples.

Shows That Jesuitism is
Based on Sun worship


Click to view more association between catholicism and pagan sun worship -part 1-

Click to view more association between catholicism and pagan sun worship -part 2-


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Martin Sheen




(Left) Pope Pius XII with Bishop Fulton Sheen.
(Hitler’s Pope, Signed a Concordat With Hitler in 1933)

That’s the one Martin Sheen took his stage name after.
Martin Sheen’s real name is, Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez.



Martin Sheen (Jesuit Coadjutor)
and some other Jesuit protesting
the shooting a some Jesuits in El Salvador



Listen to this. Martin Sheen narrated
National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic
and Discovery’s Two Part Documentary.
Now get this, the pictures that were used in this film were taken by a
Jesuit Priest Francis M. Browne, SJ from Ireland
who boarded the ship and exited conveniently
before the last fateful voyage. When the Titanic went down, so did three
of the richest and most prominent men in the world. These three
men were against the forming of the federal Reserve Bank to whom all
Americans are indebted and in bondage to.


Additional link
The Three men of Whom I speak were:



Benjamin Guggenheim John Jacob Astor IV Isidor Strau

Federal Reserve Corporation of America. It isn’t Federal, and it has no Reserves. Click on the picture to see a complete chart on the Ownership of the Federal Reserve, and how America is being defrauded of her Wealth through this privately owned International Corporation.


Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones


Did Charlie Sheen keep the name Sheen because He’s a Jesuit Coadjutor like his father?

Is Alex Jones a Jesuit Coadjutor? Alex Jones is working for them in many ways.
The question is, is he doing it on purpose?
He has interviewed big shots within the Roman catholic church
and said they’re his friends and that he’s looked at peoples
stuff on the jesuits and said it’s baloney <–click for audio!

He’s very wrong about that as you can see from my site.
Also, Alex always talks about the reichstag fire and compares it to the
WTC attack but Alex never mentions the very important
Concordat between the Vatican and Nazi Germany
the year Hitler came to power.

Click below Image to Continue to Part II of this Fascinating Expose!


Click Here for Part II


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Part II:


Posted by: Phil Jayhan, March 14th, 2007


Original link:


Alex also pretty much broke the story of the Bohemian Grove
and mentions the huge statue of the owl there but doesn’t mention the statue of
Saint John of Nepomuk who is the Official Patron Saint of the Bohemian Grove.

The Club’s patron saint is John of Nepomuk,
who legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian
monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen.
A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger
over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolising
the secrecy kept by the Grove’s attendees throughout its long history.

Read the whole wikipedia entry for This Saint in the Link above it is very important. Here’s the link to the 1981 video of the news report mentioning the Saint John of Nepomuk.




Catholic Mass being held at the Bohemian Grove (Click Pic to View Larger)

also, another thing that’s weird about Alex jones and the Bohemian grove is
that Alex Jones says they’re worshipping Moloch or Molech. that’s not true.
Molech doesn’t look anything like an owl. The only thing I can find associated
with an Owl is Lilith. It’s ridiculous but then on
they show real pictures and depictions of Molech but say “Other Depictions of Molech”.
They try real hard here also to explain away the Molech-Owl association but it’s all,
and I’ll use Alex Jones’ word. “BALONEY”!!
Interesting Article on Alex Jones


Email Me with any info


Also, who is John Conner? Where did this guy come from and why does he use a Alias?
(update) John Conner has now disclosed his reason for using
the alias and has requested to be called by the name Mark
Dice (Dice is short for Shouldice)


Alex Jones always plays Tim Russert confronting George W. Bush
and John Forbes Kerry about their membership in Skull and Bones.
But Tim Russert is very active for the Catholic Church
which has a much more deadly history of power and corruption.

Here’s more I started to put together on Sheen and Jones


More Bohemian Grove Pictures:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tim Russert


Video of Russert Confronting George
W. Bush about his membership in Skull and Bones
Video of Russert Confronting
John Kerry about his membership in Skull and Bones


Tim Russert of NBC
(Who was trained by Jesuits)
was the Master of
Ceremonies at The Catholic University
of America Twelfth American Cardinals
Dinner New York Friday, April 27, 2001.

He also was given the honorary degree of
Doctor of Humane Letters by Br. Liguori of
The Congregation of Christian Brother’s Iona College.


Here is a video clip of Tim Russert giving FBI informer, “Nation of Islam”
spokesman, the Jew-hating, White/Black race war advocate and hostile mulatto,
Temporal Coadjutor Louis Farrakhan a platform to preach his jew hating propaganda.



Minister Louis Farrakhan is currently the leader of a reconstituted Nation of Islam,
the original organization having been renamed and eventually dissolved by
Warith Deen Muhammad. The Nation of Islam’s National Center and headquarters
is located in Chicago, Illinois and houses its flagship Mosque No. 2,
Mosque Maryam in dedication to Mary, mother of Jesus.


Inside of Mosque Maryam (Notice the eight pointed star.
It’s associated with black magic)




Early life


Farrakhan was raised within the West Indian community in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts.
His mother had emigrated from Saint Kitts and Nevis in the 1920s; his father was a
Jamaican cab driver from New York, but was not involved in his upbringing.
As a child, he received training as a violinist. At the age of six, he was
given his first violin and by the age of 13, he had played with the Jesuit
Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, Walcott
went on to win national competitions, as well as the Ted Mack
Original Amateur Hour. He was one of the first blacks to appear on the popular show. In Boston,
Farrakhan attended the prestigious Boston Latin School.
The school symbol is Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome! and English High School,
graduating from the latter1. He attended college for two years at Winston-Salem State University
teachers college, but left to continue a career as an entertainer. In the 1950s, Farrakhan became an up-and-coming
calypso singer. He recorded several calypso albums under the name “The Charmer.” [1]
In 1955, while headlining a show in Chicago entitled “Calypso Follies,” he first came in contact with the teachings
of the Nation of Islam.



Political analyst James Carville and Tim Russert
Catholic Politicians in the U.S.: Their Faith and Public Policy


Mel Gibson


Alex Jones also promotes these two devout Jew-hating Catholics.
Sneaky Temporal Coadjutor Hutton and his son are both members of:




They are both devious Roman Catholic stooges. I will not promote or fund them by watching films of theirs etc.
Look at his other film The Passion of Christ which he utilised that Jesuit William J. Fulco.
That film was riddled with Jesuit symbolism.


Notice this picture of devious Opus Dei Mel Gibson receiving his Honorary Doctorate at LOYOLA
Jesuit” Marymount University
in LA back in May 2003. Whos he with? Devious Jesuit William J Fulco.


Photo source:
Hutton Gibsons new Website…663092555&hl=en
Hutton Gibson’s Video


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



Jesuit Trained, Liberal democrat, pro-abortion, Skull and Bones member John Forbes Kerry
receives heretical ‘holy eucharist’ which only devout practicing Catholics may partake of.



Jesuit Trained William (Bill) Clinton who is supposed to be Baptist
(maybe he means to say Papist) receives of the heretical ‘holy eucharist’.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Hugo Chavez


The following taken from online blog:


About two months ago, after hearing all the praise everyone was giving Chavez,
including Alex Jones and others alike, I decided to look into this guy a little.
I discovered that he called for a New World Order not once, but twice BEFORE everyone
started praising him and this has bothered me greatly since I found this out.
And today, for the THIRD time he has called for a New World Order so lets
see if these big-shot ‘truth seekers’ will start talking about this now.
I have emailed a link to Paul Joseph Watson ( so lets
see if this article gets posted and if Alex Jones speaks out about
this on his show… which is due to start in two and a half hours.
I have also emailed Jack Blood and urged him to talk about this
on his show.
Chavez is part of the problems we are facing in the world today and it’s time for everyone
to stop talking about him as if he is some kind of god. My guess is that Chavez is part of
the ‘bring down America’ agenda which we are clearly seeing taking place right now.


Here’s Texe Marrs quoting from Catholic Chavez. Texe Marrs is proving
himself to be a anti-semetic Jesuit coadjutor as well.


Evangelists and Rome – Transcripts
“Pat Robertson” Roman Catholic – Google Search
Christian Coalition’s Catholic front
Pat Robertson – General Teachings/Activities
Challenge to Texe Marrs
Benny Hinn – Catholic Mystic
“Benny Hinn” Roman Catholic – Google Search


From the common man, to mainstream political entities,
they must all kiss this man’s hand! This is an open act
of worship the pope is receiving with complete agreement.
Often the pope won’t even raise his hand for the person to kiss it.
They literally have to bow before him to kiss his hand dangling at
his side as we see the British dignitary doing in that photo.
It used to be not so many days past that it was the pope foot
you must kiss as is shown in this etching…
Hugo Chavez said: I am a Catholic and a
Christian and a very committed Christian
and I was talking to the Pope about the
struggle against poverty -I call it Christs cause.
Then he was talking about the first time he had
met Fidel Castro.
Search Alex Jones’ website. Notice that
not one word of Hugo Chavez’s call for a NWO
is mentioned. Why? Alex is supposed to be covering
everything pertaining to a NWO.



One Two Three


Ronald Reagan


Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy with Pope John Paul II.
Under Reagans presidency official diplomatic ties were
reestablished between the Vatican and the U.S.
they were broken in 1865 after President Lincoln’s
assassination and for orchestrating the Civil War!!
Knight of Malta and Future President
Bush Sr was Vice president at the time
(under control of the Jesuits). Many say
he was really running everything. George H. W. Bush
was a ex CIA agent, the former director
of the CIA, former director of the CFR
(Council on Foreign Relations)
the former ambassador to the United Nations
and also the son of Prescott Bush who was a Nazi
banker and senator.


George Bush with Cardinal Egan and former Governor of the
State of New York Hugh L. Carey, Cardinal Egan, (Excerpt from
The power of the Archbishop of New York has not diminished but rather grown.
Today, the man who wields the power of Cardinal Spellman from the Powerhouse
in New York – St. Patricks Cathedral across the street from Rockefeller Center
and continues to suppress the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy
by virtue of his Oath as a Cardinal, is the arch-conspirator, traitor to his
American countrymen and master of the infamous, Jesuit-trained agitator,
high-level Freemason and CFR member, former President Bill Clinton,
and now master of Skull and Bones member, President George W. Bush,
whose father, George H. W. Bush, is also a high-level Freemason,
a former Director of both the CFR and CIA, as well as a participant
in the Kennedy Assassination.


Donald Rumsfeld meets Pope Paul VI in 1964.
Rumsfeld was a young member of the United States
House of Representatives for the 13th
Congressional District in Illinois at the time.


Pope Paul VI with the Black Pope at that time,
the twenty-eighth Superior General (1965-83) of
the Society of Jesus, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.


John F. Kennedy, Cardinal Spellman and Richard Nixon.



Francis Cardinal Spellman – Jesuit-trained at Fordham University in New York and the
American College in Rome; Archbishop of Rome’s wealthiest and most powerful Diocese;
Military Vicar of the American Empire controlling the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry,
the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia’s Commission; the acting King of the Pope’s Fourteenth
Amendment Holy Roman American Empire ruling from his Palace in the city of the Empire State
along with his Papal Maltese Knights of the Roundtable overseen by the Professed Jesuits
Jesuits under Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow) at Fordham University including now
Cardinal Avery Dulles, the nephew of past Secretary, Vice President, and President
of the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations (1933-1950), past CIA Director until
fired by President Kennedy and member of the deceptive Warren Commission. The Jesuits
notorious uncle was none other than The Gentleman Spy, Romes prostitute Protestant
Presbyterian and Shriner Freemason, Allen Dulles. Spellman therefore controlled the
Council on Foreign Relations, the FBI, the CIA, Military Intelligence including the
Office of Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service, the Power and Mastermind behind
the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent Cover-up, continued by Cardinals
Cooke and O Connor.
The present Archbishop, Cardinal Egan will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up, as evidenced
by his Oath as a Cardinal, his first and foremost loyalty is not to the People of the
Constitutional Republic of these United States, but to his master in the Vatican, his
supposed King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesuit General Kolvenbachs “infallible” god
who sits in St. Peter s Chair, Pope John Paul II!
For he holds the Devils Papal Office of the Jew-hating and blasphemous Seventh Roman Caesar
who has not yet come and, when indwelt by Satan upon rising from the dead, will be the
Eighth Roman Caesar – the beast Revelation 17:10,11.


33rd degree Freemason
Gen. MacArthur and Military Vicar
Cardinal Spellman

Father Edmund A. Walsh, S.J. conferring
with 33rd Degree Freemason
General Douglas MacArthur in
Tokyo, 1948.


Strongly anti-Communist, it is alleged that Walsh was the man who first suggested to
Senator McCarthy hat he use this issue in order to gain political prominence.
Walsh vigorously promoted anti-Communist thought throughout his career.


Senator Joseph McCarthy who was a Graduate of a Jesuit University must have
been easy to manipulate at the hands of Jesuit Edmund Walsh who suggested to
McCarthy that he could make a name for himself by taking an extreme anti-communist
stance thus coining the term McCarthyism which also ended up with the Senators
total downfall


For more on this Read the 4th Chapter of Avro manhattan’s “Vietnam, Why did we go?”




Knights of Columbus Jeb Bush meeting with Pope Benedict





If Bush is a Christian and says Jesus is his Saviour
then why is he giving the pope an idol of Mary?


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, greets Supreme Knight
(of Columbus which is the ‘right arm of the Catholic church’ in American)
Carl A. Anderson and Ted Koppel, who narrated Washington Speaks.


President Kennedy sits with Pope John Paul VI



Former New Jersey Gov. Brendan Byrne with the Pope and future Pope








Pope John Paul II with the trilateral commission


Montini [a.k.a “pope” Paul VI] pictured giving a speech on October 4, 1965
at the United Nations Montini in his address to the United Nations, called
that godless monstrosity [The UN] “the last, best hope of mankind…”



This is a handsign of the devil worshippers (goat horns).


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



The First Black Pope and Jesuit General Ignatious Loyola who
was Formerly a military soldier, a witch and a member of the Illumbrados.





This is the third Jesuit General (Black Pope)
Francis Borgia who is always depicted with a skull.
Notice the Crown on the skull….



Current Black Pope with his predecessor Pedro Arrupe


This is the Jesuit General (the Black Pope) Peter-Hans Kolvenbach
with Pope John Paul II (who worked for I.G. Farben helping make the
Zyklon B cianide gas which killed hundreds and thousands of Jews at Aushwitz)


Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach with Pope Bennedict Formerly
Cardinal Ratzinger and before that Hitler youth

More Pictures of the Black Pope (Jesuit General).



Picture of Ratzinger when he was Hitler youth. Couldn’t they find someone else to be Pope?


In January 1933, the Belgian mathematician and Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre
traveled with Albert Einstein to California for a series of seminars.
After the Belgian detailed his Big Bang theory, Einstein stood up applauded,
and said, This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation
to which I have ever listened. Lemaitres theory, the idea that there was a burst
of fireworks which marked the beginning of time and space on a day without yesterday,
was a radical departure from prevailing scientific understandings, though it has since
come to be the most probable explanation for the origin of the universe. (In other words,
a Jesuit was behind the embarrassing doctrine of the “Big Bang” theory.)



And this jesuit (Teilhard de Chardin) was behind the fraudulent
Peking man and the Piltdown man (Exposed as a deliberate hoax).

Link 1 of De Chardin Hoax Involvement
Link 2 of De Chardin Hoax Involvement


Mark Wahlberg Has A Vatican Cross In His Bedroom


Mark WahlbergReligious The Departed star Mark Wahlberg has turned his bedroom into a sacred space, complete with holy water and the replica of a crucifixion art piece that stands at the Vatican. The Catholic actor takes his religion seriously and claims his Frederick Hart clear resin cross with a statue of the crucified Christ inside is one of his proudest possessions.


Wahlberg showed off the sculpture, which stands in an antechamber of the master bedroom he shares with girlfriend Rhea Durham and their two kids, as part of a recent interview with movie magazine Premiere. Wahlberg says, “(Hart) was a famous sculptor who’s done all kinds of religious work… for cathedrals and stuff. There’s two of these (sculptures) – one in the Vatican and one here. The actor keeps a bottle of holy water by the side of the Hart cross so he can use the antechamber as his own personal chapel whenever he’s home.”


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3 Responses to Vatican Infiltration of America Via Jesuits & Other Vatican Secret Societies

  1. raphael says:

    You might find my blog interesting.

    I am able to reconcile RELIGION and SCIENCE using the ancient divine symbol once referred to as the “KEY to Universal Movement”.

    This is why this symbol which lay at the heart of human architecture was maligned.
    It was first given to the Nazis by the Vatican and then intently linked to a heinous crime…to help fulfill Biblical prophecy…do they flash the Crucifix every time a Crime by the Vatican is or was committed?



  2. raphael says:

    Forgot to mention I enjoyed your blog and much of our information ‘crosses over’…much is common and supports both our interpretations of the events…



  3. 2916inf6 says:

    Molech is a concept of Child Sacrifice. It has to do with bodily immortality. They found a

    way to be born in another body. In 2007 they discovered Time Manipulation Technologies. They

    forced a scientist to give them this work. They could not send back all of the information so

    they only got one book back. The Original Nacranomicon is not what you see in the book store.

    That is a false copy. The original Nacranomicon talked about how to live in the body forever.

    They would breed, sacrificing every child that came out until a match was made. It’s

    perceptional fabric. See the Codec model of the universe on .

    The codec model states that there is a perceptional fabric that fits with the rips that

    sustain the strings in a body. They found that from ones genetics they could, after many

    tries, sink perceptionally into another body. They would keep killing the infants that came

    out until they died in the act of breeding. The Sureget Wife/Mother would know at this point

    in time that the male was in the child. She would then hand his journal to him with

    instructions that are like perceptional familiarities. After some years this person would

    regain their memmory entirely. They are still on this earth today. Many of them hide in

    underground positions. They are running out of bodily genetic possiblities and the NWO has

    underground bases looking constantly for their genetics. There is a member of the earth whom

    goes back to before what most thing is the beginning of the Human Lineage. They have suriget

    programs and pay females to have children. They can’t kill all of the children themselves so

    Molech is the ancient servant. It is where they take all the infantile children when they are

    not a match. They symbolize this with some sort of beast or owl, but they do dispose of the

    children. The actual hearafter is angry and will be comming back soon.

    To confirm the truth of the perceptional reletivity math go to

    -Prof. G. Taroeel

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