The History & Hierarchy of the Roman Empire now called the Roman Church or Holy Roman See

Eye Of Horus - Vatican - World Trade Center

Picture Upper Left: The Sphere at the World Trade Center from a sidewalk view. Center: The same basic identical sphere at the Vatican. Picture, Above Right: Shows an arial view of the Sphere at the World Trade Center Plaza. It is a Symbol of the ‘Eye of Horus’ who is one of their Ancient gods, which is at very Origins of the Vatican history. Why is this Pagan Symbol of the ‘Eye of Horus’ embedded in the plaza at the WTC? Why is such an Obviously Pagan Symbol at the Vatican? This is certainly no coincidence! Is the ‘Holy Roman See’ posing as Wolves in Sheeps Clothing? What else could explain this bizarre display of Raw Paganism and Anti God Symbolism?


Written by: Phil Jayhan

February 16th, 2007


The Hierarchy of the Roman Empire now called the Roman Church.

Vatican City is a landlocked state within the city of Rome, Italy. It is governed by the Bishop of Rome (called the Pope) are in fact clergymen.

It is the smallest sovereign state in the world.

Caesar Constantine began the “corporate takeover” by renaming all the old Roman offices, this evolution of name changing still occurs. Name changing allows a person to hide their tracks of origin.

Roman Empire offices & their modern names:

Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum) renamed: Roman Catholic Church

Curia (legal body of Senators) slight name change: Curia (legal body of Cardinals)

Roman Emperor renamed: Roman Pope (head of all church and state affairs)

Civil government matters of state: Extra-Ordinary affairs (matters of civil-state governments)

Religious orders matters: Church “ecclesiastical” matters

Roman College of Senators renamed: College of Cardinals

Magistrate of College of Senators renamed: Dean of College of Cardinals

Departments of the Roman Senatorial Curia renamed: Congregations

Political Ambassador renamed: Pro-Nuncio (highest civil ambassador sent to other governments, ie Washington DC, London etc)

If a government has not signed a treaty with Rome which makes the Romans the head of the foreign country as certified in the Roman Code of Canon Law. This rebel nation which has no official ties has an ambassador called an Apostolic Delegate. The United States and the United Kingdom never allowed the Vatican to serve as their legal head until President Reagan quickly signed into law on January 10, 1984. This Treaty for the very first time in U.S. history recognized full diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican State.

In 1534 when the United Kingdom realized that the Treaty with the Vatican City-State made them subject to all the Popes rules they voided the treaty. Formal plomatic relations between England and Vatican State were broken. Full diplomatic relations with the Pope’s Vatican State were never restored for 448 years until 1982.

Roman Senators renamed: Cardinals

Roman Governors renamed: Archbishops

Roman Senator with no territory: Bishop (Code of Canon Law 376)

(Large) Roman Province renamed: Archdiocese

(Small) Roman Territory renamed: Diocese

Imperial Chair of Jupiter where Caesar sat renamed: Throne of St. Peter

Vestal Virgins renamed: Nuns

Pontifex Maximus (high priest of College of Senators) renamed: Supreme Pontiff of College of Cardinals

Pontiff or “high priest ” of a pagan religious order (Zues, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Jupiter, Baal, Dionysys, Pythia etc) same name: Pontiff

A Pontiff (Latin: “pontifex”) means bridge-builder or priest between man and the gods of the underworld.

The Roman Calendar and Holy Days of the gods renamed: Calendar Holidays of the Saints

Voice of the gods speaking through Caesar: Ex-Cathedra: Voice of God speaking through Pope

Meeting of the Pontiffs (high priests) of the pagan religious orders renamed: Ecumenical Council of the Bishops

Legal act of creating a god (of a living or dead human, as was done to most of the Caesars) “Apotheosis of the Gods” renamed: Canonization of the Saints

A decree of Caesar (dictator for life): Pope’s infallible Dogma

Praying to a dead human god renamed: Praying to a saint

In the US the highest law of the land is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the Vatican State the Constitution is called the Code of Canon Law

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Greek Parthenon - House of the gods in Greece

Above: The Greek Parthenon – House of the ‘gods’ in Greece – Click for larger picture



As we can see above, there is overwhelming evidence that the Roman Empire never Fell. For nearly every office and agency that the Romanum Imperium Government had, is found within the “Holy Roman See”, with barely any difference in their names. Around the year 312, Emperor Constantine, in a very clever and devious plan to finally vanquish Christianity, decided to fake his conversion, and to make Christianity the Official State Religion of the Roman Imperium, better known today as the Roman Empire. The idea was that the best way to destroy the Christian movement, was to lead the Christian movement. After having tried to vanquish the Christian “sect” which was constantly growing, they had employed inquisition after inquisition over the last few hundred years, killing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Christians. But much to their dismay, the Supreme Roman Pontiffs discovered that with each new round of persecution and extermination of the Christians, that they only grew and multiplied even more.

Their “Final Solution” failed time and time again and backfired on them each and every time. Thus they decided that before Christianity became so large that they would eventually conquer Rome through sheer numbers, that they would devise a new “Final Solution.” They devised an ingenious plan of making Christianity the Official Roman Religion, thus being able to regulate its Doctrine and Dogma. And then, to suffocate it from within. Thus Roman Emperor Constantine faked his own conversion to Christianity, and the process of making Christianity the State Religion began. And this is how the Holy Roman Imperium, or the Roman Empire, was morphed into what we now know as the ‘Holy Roman See.’ It in all actuality never fell. It simply became a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

It could now regulate all the Doctrine, Dogma and Affairs of the Church through Dictates. Is all one has to do to see this is to examine closely the power structure and government offices and agencies of the Roman Empire and then simply compare them to the “Holy Roman See.” They are absolutely identical. Office for office, agency for agency. And the people who were contemporaries at the time were none the wiser, as outwardly, they observed this morphing and largely thought it was the result of this evil governments “Conversion.”

Now that they were leading the “Christian Movement” they were now in the driver’s seat and could slowly corrupt it over time through various control mechanisms. It was indeed very clever and very devious, and largely successful. Now that I have shown good reason for not believing that Rome ever fell, but was instead morphed into the Roman Catholic Church, I would like to change the subject a little bit and speak about one of the Roman Catholic Church’s unofficial symbols or idols. It is the Eye of Horus. And once you know what it is, you will begin to see this symbol embedded into much of the Roman Catholic Church’s architecture, art, as well as see it hidden in all sorts of places even you will be surprised to find it.

You might be asking by now, what does the ‘All Seeing Eye of Horus’ have to do with the Vatican? And why did the World Trade Center have the ‘All Seeing Eye of Horus’ embedded into its plaza? And why is there a nearly identical ‘Eye of Horus’ at the Vatican? If you are asking yourself these questions, your on the right track. Keep asking. Seek and you will find. But remember this; Ask the wrong questions, and you receive the wrong answers. Ask the Right questions, and you receive the right answers. So, what is the all seeing eye of Horus doing in both the Vatican and the World Trade Center Plaza? And why is it on the back of all our Dollar bills? Where did it come from, and what are its origins? The answer to those questions will shed light on many things, from the Vatican’s very existence, to why the same symbol of paganism was embedded into the World Trade Center Plaza.

First of all, it is not a Christian symbol, quite the opposite. It is a symbol of pagan religions that are extremely opposed to Christianity, and the one True God. The symbol comes straight from what is known as the ‘Mystery Religions of Babylon.’ And its origins go back almost to the beginning of time! It had it’s beginnings with the Egyptian Empire. In the Egyptian Empire, they worshipped many gods, and one of them was the ‘Sun God.’ They really didn’t worship the Sun, as much as they did the one they thought was the ‘bringer of this great light’ to them. He is known as the ‘Light Bearer’ and otherwise known as Lucifer. He was the great object of their worship. And the Egyptians paid him homage, gave great gifts to him, willingly served him, and performed prolific human sacrifice to him as well. We know this from history. Human sacrifice was as much a part of the Egyptian dynasties as was cruelty, slavery and high taxes. They called it paying homage to their different gods, however;

One could rightly call it a Wine-press, for they squeeze the life out of victim after victim in obedience to their god, Lucifer. Thats the best way of describing it, as he squeezes each person life’s blood out of them as though they were grapes. And they were and are rewarded with not only communion from Lucifer, but with power to Rule as well. It is a fairly simple formula of wickedness. They worship Lucifer willingly, and perform prolific human sacrifice, as well as many other abominations, and in exchange they receive spiritual Communion and Power to Rule from Satan, the Prince of this World. Please review the next four images. The 4th one being the youtube video. They are all the “Eye of Horus.” What is truly sickening is the 4th image and video. For it shows that at the 1 year World Trade Center commemoration ceremonies, hapless, ignorant people being choreographed and marched into what turns out to be another representation of the “Eye of Horus.” And this, right underneath where the previous Eye of Horus had stood. Once you are able to grasp even part of the meaning of this, it should stir quite a lot of anger and disgust within you. It is something that once learned, you will never forget. For it is almost like staring into the eye of Satan himself. It shows many things, but one thing is painfully obvious. That those who rule over us mock us openly with their own secret religion of darkness! This, more than everything else, will show you that 911 was caused by a dark evil congregation of forces on earth, and that it was no small conspiracy. And it is this church and hierarchy which has created all of the dark secret societies and false religions through time, and invented and controls the International Banking Institutions as well. Remember, the hierarchy of this church, as well as its offices and agencies trascends this particular church itself, and they span all 7 empires through time. Now notice below, the “Eye of Horus” at the Vatican. This simply demonstrates what I declared above. That the origin of this church lies at the beginning of time and at the beginning of the first Empire of Earth, Egypt.



Eye of Horus - World Trade Center

World Trade Center - Eye of Horus - Closeup

So, who was Horus? Was he a real man or mythical figure? Actually, he was a real man, and his name was Horus. He was the son of a man named in scripture, as Nimrod. Nimrod was the son of Cush, another man named in scripture. And Cush was another of the same, a son of Ham, who was finally the son of Noah. Even so closely related to Noah, who worshiped the one True God, Horus worshiped Lucifer. Two of Noah’s sons departed from the faith and God of their Father, Noah, and willingly worshiped Gods adversary, Lucifer or Satan. Noah had triplets. Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Both Ham & Japeth departed from the God of their Father, Noah, and willingly worshiped Lucifer, also known as the “Light Bearer” and many other names. It is from Horus, that we have what we know today as the “Horoscope.” In this devilish satanically inspired religion, people were taught to worship ‘the lie.’ And worshiped the starry host of heaven, and the one they mistakenly thought brought this to them, Lucifer. Shem was the only one of Noah’s sons who didn’t turn away from the God of his Father, Noah. After the great flood, Japeth settled the area we now know as southern Russia, while Ham moved west and settled West Africa, and Shem went east, and settled the Orient, and became the Father of all the Oriental peoples.

The Israelite’s as well as most of the Arabs were of Shem’s bloodline, hence the name “Semites.” Ham became the Father of most of the African peoples, who were then known as the “Dark Heads” because of the darker skin pigmentation in adapting to the harsh African Sun. And Japeth settled the area known now as Southern Russia, and was the Father of what we know today as the “Aryans” or the white people as they are now called, but was also a sailor and explorer, and eventually founded a land called “Arya-Land” which we now call Ireland. Japeth’s name was Ayra in another language. But it was one and the same man who was both Noah’s Son, as well as the founder of Aryaland or Ireland, as we know it today! This is the true history of the World, which has been suppressed by the bloodlines of two of Noah’s sons, Ham & Japeth, and their descendants who followed in the Dark Religion and god of their Fathers. In the New Testament book of Romans, it has this startling passage, no doubt speaking mostly of these very people; “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;” (Romans 1:18)


Eye of Horus - Circular Sun Pattern

The best way of giving an overview of Earths history from here is to simply work backwards to follow the flow of the article. We have given a brief overview of 2 of the 7 Empires of Earth, which though are two Empires; both have the same origins and for all intents and purposes are Twins. This would be the present Empire of the “Holy Roman See” and the previous Empire, the “Holy Roman Empire” or the Roman Imperium. In each of the 7 empires of earth, their Hierarchal forms of government have been relatively the same. In each of these 7 empires they have had not only the same structure of government and offices, but the same head as well. And this person is head of all the Political and Religious affairs of the Kingdom. His name or title is “The Supreme Pontiff, Pontifex Maximus, The Pope” or some other very similar synonym. The Supreme Pontiff, or Pontifex Maximus, literally means to be “the Supreme Bridge Builder to the Underworld.” It is he who is head of not merely this political structure, but of the religious structure or church structure of the empire. If you will check the old coins from the Roman Empire, you will see the title of this man inscribed on the back of the coins, “Pont Max” which is short for “Pontifex Maximus.” The “Supreme Bridge Builder to the Underworld” is as nefarious and dark as it sounds. For this office is the one recognized by Lucifer or Satan himself, as the Head of his own Dark Church on Earth. It is the only recognized office of Satan’s body of followers, and all others are in submission to this singular head office and title whether they know it or not. And it is Satan himself which rules both the head of this church, and it’s hierarchy and structure. Does the image of the crop circle below resemble the Eye of Horus? And do you see any similarity between this Idolatrous image and that of the CBS Networks Logo? Also notice the Hexagram which immediatly surrounds the center of the eye, for this is another of the symbols taken from the Mystery Religions of Babylon! Perhaps this might also give a clue as to who is maing these crop circles and why they always seem to make the news, in some way or another!

Eye Of Horus Crop Circle

Greek Parthenon - House of the gods in Greece

Let’s move another Empire back in time. Before the Roman Empire was the Empire founded by conquest and Alexander the Great, who moved more swiftly in his takeover of the ancient world, that it was unparalleled before him, and even to this day! This was then known as the Greek or Grecian Empire. And it too held the same basic hierarchal structure as the Empires that were to succeed it. It had all the secret orders, and at it’s head was the same office, “Supreme Pontiff, or Pontifex Maximus!” Now isn’t is a little suspicious to you at this point that the last 3 Empires of Earth, including the one now reigning, had the same “Secret Orders” as well as the same head with the same name and title, “Pontifex Maximus?” And they worshiped the same gods as well? Of course they had different names, because it was a different language. But it was all the same gods, who were at one time in history, at least almost all of them, real people! Nimrod was also known as the following in different languages; Gilgamesh, Woden, Osiris, Mars, Bel, Molech, Jupiter and Zeus! Shem, son of Noah, was also known as the god Thor and Marduch. Venus was also known as; Aphrodite’s, Semeramis, Isis, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Dianna, Frigga, and both the statues of her we know the best are the statue of “Mary” in the “Holy Roman See” or Catholic Church, and the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor! And these very statues were around for thousands of years before Mary, wife of Joseph was ever born! And oddly enough there are even scriptures which speak directly of her; See Jeremiah 44:17-25, 7:18 for this. (“The Two Babylon’s” by Alexander Hislop, is an excellent book on the horrors of the pagan worship of the Queen of Heaven in the Catholic Church). There are some interesting things about this Queen of Heaven, also known as Semeramis, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite’s, Frigga, etc… She married her Son, Nimrod. And even bore children to him! Nimrod’s children were; Nimrod, Tiwi, & Horus. Semeramis, when pregnant with one of her children declared she was pregnant by the “Holy Spirit of God” and declared her child would be the Son of God! And she made a decree in Babylon that she be worshiped as the “Queen of Heaven.” Does this sound familiar to anyone reading this? And see why this might have been more than slightly annoying to God? Especially since it was a lie, and she was really impregnated by her own Son, Nimrod, a mere mortal man? See how Gods word speaks of this woman, who was falsely worshiped as a god and made God jealous by the Idolatry of the Israelites towards her;

Jeremiah 44:17 – [In Context|Original Hebrew]

“But rather we will certainly carry out every word that has proceeded from our mouths, by burning sacrifices to the queen of heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, just as we ourselves, our forefathers, our kings and our princes did in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem; for {then} we had plenty of food and were well off and saw no misfortune.

Jeremiah 44:18 – [In Context|Original Hebrew]

“But since we stopped burning sacrifices to the queen of heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have lacked everything and have met our end by the sword and by famine.”

Jeremiah 44:19 – [In Context|Original Hebrew

“And,” {said the women,} “when we were burning sacrifices to the queen of heaven and were pouring out drink offerings to her, was it without our husbands that we made for her {sacrificial} cakes in her image and poured out drink offerings to her?”

Jeremiah 44:25 – [In Context|Original Hebrew]

thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, as follows: ‘As for you and your wives, you have spoken with your mouths and fulfilled {it} with your hands, saying, “We will certainly perform our vows that we have vowed, to burn sacrifices to the queen of heaven and pour out drink offerings to her.” Go ahead and confirm your vows, and certainly perform your vows!’


Notice how the Israelites burned sacrifices to her. These were sacrifices of their own children! Over & over in scripture we see this again and again, where the children of Israel sacrificed their own children to these images of false gods and idols! The drink offerings poured out was none other than the blood of their very own children, that they willingly sacrificed to the queen of heaven. Also known as Semeramis, Isis, Frigga, Ishtar, Aphrodities, Venus, The Statue of Mary in the Roman Church, The Statue of Liberty, etc…


Eye of Horus - Egyptian Origins

All Seeing Eye of Horus Playing Cards

Eye of Horus - Dollar Bill

All Seeing Eye of Horus CBS News!

Secrets of the Vatican


Table of nations

The table of nations in Genesis 10 begins by listing Noah’s immediate children:

It then proceeds to detail their descendants.

The first generation

The first generation of descendants is given as:

  • The sons of Japheth: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras.
  • The sons of Ham: Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.
  • The sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, Lud and Aram.

Second generation

The identification of several of the first generation is aided by the inclusion of the second, although several of their identifications are less certain. (The copy of the table in Chronicles has occasional variations in the second generation, most likely caused by the similarity of Hebrew letters such as R and D). Note that all of the forms ending in -im are plurals, probably indicating names of peoples, and not intended as the name of a single person.

Descendants of Japheth

  • Ashkenaz, son of Gomer. It has been conjectured that this name arose from a misprint in Hebrew for “Ashkuz”, by reading a nun for a waw. Ashkuz and Ishkuz were names used for the Scythians, who first appear in Assyrian records in the late 8th century in the Caucasus region, and at times occupied vast areas of Europe and Asia.
  • Riphath (Diphath in Chronicles), son of Gomer. Identifaction with Paphlagonians of later antiquity has been proposed, but this is uncertain.
  • Togarmah, son of Gomer. Some Armenian traditions have claimed descent from Togarmah; other authors have attempted to connect them with Turkic peoples.
  • Elishah, son of Javan. Identifications have been proposed with various Aegean peoples such as Elis of northwestern Peloponnesos, or Ellis of Phthia.
  • Tarshish (Tarshishah in Chronicles), son of Javan – has been variously connected with Tarsus in Anatolia or Tartessus in southern Spain.
  • Kittim, offspring of Javan. Usually connected with Kition in Cyprus, but name appears in other texts with a variety of interpretations.
  • Dodanim (Rodanim in Chronicles), offspring of Javan. Usually connected with large Aegean island of Rhodes near coast of Asia Minor.

Descendants of Ham

  • Sheba, son of Cush. Has been connected with Sabaeans and peoples on either side of the narrowest part of the Red Sea, in both Yemen / South Arabia, and Eritrea / Ethiopia / Somalia.
  • Seba, son of Cush. Like Sheba, has been connected with both Yemen and Eritrea, with much confusion between the two. (The Shibboleth-like division amongst the Sabaeans into Sheba and Seba is acknowledged elsewhere, for example in Psalm 72, leading scholars to suspect that this is not a mistaken duplication of the same name, but a genuine historical division. The significance of this division is not yet completely understood, though it may simply reflect which side of the sea each was on.)
  • Havilah, son of Cush. Usually considered to be a part of the Arabian peninsula near the Red Sea.
  • Sabta, son of Cush. Sometimes connected with Hadhramis (their ancient capital being Saubatha) in eastern Yemen.
  • Raamah, son of Cush. Has been connected with Rhammanitae (their capital being Regmah) in southern Oman.
  • Dedan, son of Cush. Apparently a region of the Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia.
  • Sabteca, son of Cush. Possibly Sabaiticum Ostium, Sabaeans living around a specific harbour in Eritrea.
  • Nimrod, son of Cush, also identified as a mighty hunter before God, and the founder of ancient Babel, Akkad, Sumer, and possibly cities in Assyria. The Hebrew wording of Genesis 10:11 has led to some ambiguity as to whether Asshur here is the son of Shem or a city built by Nimrod; either interpreation can be found in various modern versions.
  • Ludim, offspring of Mizraim. Sometimes considered a typographic error for Lubim, a reference to the Lebu of Eastern Libya.
  • Anamim, offspring of Mizraim. There is a reference in an Assyrian inscription from Sargon II‘s time to Anami, a tribe located in Cyrene, Libya.
  • Lehabim, offspring of Mizraim. Identification uncertain, possibly Libya.
  • Naphtuhim, offspring of Mizraim. Has been connected with Na-Ptah, the Egyptian form of Memphis.
  • Pathrusim, offspring of Mizraim. Possibly connected with Egyptian word Pa-To-Ris meaning southerners.
  • Casluhim (“from whom came the Philistim“), offspring of Mizraim.
  • Caphtorim, offspring of Mizraim, associated with Caphtor, probably Crete, Cyprus, or both.
  • Sidon, firstborn son of Canaan, and name one of the oldest city-states on the Phoenician coast.
  • Heth, son of Canaan, considered ancestor of “Hittites”, a people of Canaan, possibly connected with Hatti, a powerful entity in Anatolia.
  • “the Jebusite“, offspring of Canaan, a tribe that lived around Jerusalem, that was formerly known as Jebus according to the Books of Kings.
  • “the Amorite“, offspring of Canaan, a people living between the Jordan and Euphrates rivers by at least 2000 BC, known as Amurru to the Akkadians and Egyptians.
  • “the Girgasite“, offspring of Canaan
  • “the Hivite“, offspring of Canaan
  • “the Arkite“, offspring of Canaan, probably city-state of Arqa in Phoenicia.
  • “the Sinite“, offspring of Canaan, possibly connected with the Wilderness of Sin.
  • “the Arvadite“, offspring of Canaan, refers to the Phoenician city-state of Arwad.
  • “the Zemarite“, offspring of Canaan, refers to the Phoenician city-state of Zemar.
  • “the Hamathite“, offspring of Canaan, refers to Syrian city of Hamath.

Descendants of Shem

  • Uz, son of Aram. Identification uncertain, but also mentioned in book of Job.
  • Hul, son of Aram. Unknown; possible connection with Lake known in Aramaic as Hulata.
  • Gether, son of Aram. Father of Thamud in Arabic tradition.
  • Mash, son of Aram (Chronicles has Meshech). Unknown; suggestions include Mashu, an unknown region of cedars mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh (possibly Lebanon), and E-Mash-Mash, the main temple at Ninevah in Assyria.
  • Salah, son of Arphaxad.

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  1. Damien says:

    Its about time someone shows the world how ignorant they are. Poor sheep.

  2. Phil Jayhan says:

    Thanks Damien! I hope you come back and check the story here as I am writing it over a weeks time or so as time permits. A little more each day! If you get a chance, check out our forums and please become a member there, as this and many other things are in open discussion there everyday! There is no way to tell of the Roman Empire without really telling a brief overview of the true history of the world!

    Phil 🙂

  3. Faye says:

    Very interesting site….thanks

  4. dave says:

    The catholic church was one of many sects which already existed in the time of Constantine. Constantine choose it among the many because it has structured itself to match the organization of the roman empire and was therefore more familiar to him, they did this before he was even born independent of influence directly from the empire; so it was of course the same the names being the same has nothing to do with anything except for making Christianity easier to adapt to and understand by a largely pagan population. This doesn’t mean they didn’t corrupt Christian doctrine I just don’t think your looking at history correctly. You are also totally ignoring the eastern roman empire which existed until the 1400, the set of constanines church was in Constantinople not Rome and its church and the Catholics split, the hostility was so great that that in one of the crusades they actually sacked the Constantinople

  5. dave says:

    Also both the roman office and the equivalent catholic office existed side by side for 100’s of years before the fall of the western roman empire and for almost 1000 years in the eastern roman empire where the church had split ( with occasional reconstitutions)

  6. Ray says:

    Then it gets a little crazy because the Bible we revere today was dictated by Pope St. Damasus I, via the Decree of Damasus, Council of Rome, 382 a.d. It followed 57 years after the Council of Nicea, 325 a.d., which was called to unite the quibbling factions of Christians, and which resulted in the Nicene Creed, still used today to summarize Christian dogma.

    The Pope St. Damasus Bible consisted of 73 books, which was reduced to 66 when Martin Luther excised 7 books over a thousand years later. Those 66 remain to this day and comprise the Protestant Holy Bible.

    I too was taught that the Pope/Vatican is or represents the antichrist. So then, given the facts, the contents of the Bible were determined by the antichrist? Where does that leave Protestant Christianity?

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  8. paul robinson says:

    Published byNora Anthony Modified over 2 years ago Embed Download presentation
    Presentation on theme: “The Beast & The ‘Mark.’ 13:16-18 The Beast – Holy Roman Empire – is to compel men to worship it. ‘Mark’ (Gr charakter : impress) to be made in right hand.”— Presentation transcript:
    1 The Beast & The ‘Mark.’ 13:16-18 The Beast – Holy Roman Empire – is to compel men to worship it. ‘Mark’ (Gr charakter : impress) to be made in right hand or forehead – thinking & doing. Without ‘mark’ cannot buy or sell. ‘Mark’ is symbol of impression on the mind of the Beast’s teaching of blasphemy, its principles & practice – its unitary mind.

    2 Contrast – The Mark of Faith. In O.T. priest wore gold plate on forehead God’s words engraven – way of acceptance before God. Reminded him that his thinking must be attuned to God’s holiness. Faithful pictured as – having his Father’s name written in their foreheads 14:1 A state of mind which reflects His will.

    5 Fulfilling Prophecy. The Beast is named – the name of blasphemy -means to defame, speak evil of or slander. Warnings of Apostles concerning apostacy – amply fulfilled by the Beast system. Daniel foretold Roman beast to continue until coming of the Ancient of Days. The mark of his name is a mind, character, disposition which defames, speaks evil of or slanders the Truth.

    6 5 “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” Rev 13.

    7 Literal Mark of the Beast. Sign of the cross much used in Catholic Church. This mark made on hands of priests at ordination, on foreheads of babies when christened. Worshippers at Mass make the sign on foreheads and bodies – indicates devotion. Call it ‘the blessed cross’- Scripture links it with a curse, not a blessing (Gal.3:13)

    9 Quotation from Edward Holyoake “The Doctrine of Life” died 1660. “The Empire is described by one beast coming out of the sea, who hath seven heads and ten horns: yea also in this beast is comprised the Pontificality, being the reviver of the wounded head. This beast hath his arms from the four beasts in Daniel 7. For Rome having subdued all those countries that those beasts ruled, and being like them for idolatry and cruelty in afflicting the holy city is a monster compounded of all four….

    10 …Boniface the third pope of Roma, obtained by the help of the murderer Phocas, to be called universal Bishop. And this universal supremacy did so increase until the tenth century. The Pope’s canon law telleth that none may live under the Empire but by yielding to the Pope’s laws, in his subscribing to his Imperial and Ecclesiastical supremacy, and oath of fidelity as a mark on the hand, and some open token of communion with him, and profession of his decrees, as a mark in the forehead.”

    11 Buying and Selling. 13:17 Authority of Church essential to be able to hold any office, exercise any trade, in church or state. Rome recognises only its priests as being authorised to practice religion – its ‘spiritual merchandise’. Literal trading also limited by papacy. Hence both literally and symbolically papacy extended its power over minds and actions. Quotation Bishop Newton

    12 Bishop Newton 1750’s “Roger Horenden relates of William the Conqueror that he was so dutiful to the Pope that he would not permit any one in his power to buy or sell anything whom he found disobedient to the Apostolic See. So the decree of the Council of Lateran under Pope Alexander 111, made against the Waldenses and Albigenses…

    13 …enjoins upon pain of anathema ‘that no man presume to entertain or cherish them in his house or land, or exercise traffic with them … so that in selling or buying, they being deprived of the comfort of humanity, may be compelled to repent of the error of their way.” Bishop Newton 1750’s (cont’d)

    14 Trade and Wealth. Cross became ‘Trade Mark’ as of flourishing business. Church amassed fabulous wealth, as the verse would lead one to expect. One source of income – indulgences – paid to Church to remit debt of temporal punishment due to sin – after its guilt forgiven by Church.

    15 The Number of a Man. 13:18 Number of the name of beast – equivalent symbol to the mark of the beast. To know name or number is to know what system is intended. It is the number of a man (v.18) – when system represented by the name of the beast discovered, it is centred in a man. v18 shows it a matter of wisdom and understanding to discover the enigma.

    16 666. In Greek – original language of Revelation – each letter associated with a numerical value. Verse could indicate numerical sum of value of letters in name of system – to total six hundred and sixty six. Gr. word ‘Lateinos’ (among others) answers to this numerical total and means LATIN. In one word accurately describes character, origin, language of Roman Catholic system.

    18 The Number of Flesh. In Bible numerology, six is number of flesh, of mortality – represents man. A system, with authority and power in one man, has number 666 – the number of flesh tripled. This Latin system arose on basis of man’s ambitions, and of compromise with its pagan past.

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